Cringe moment drunk guest ruins the wedding by chucking food at the bride… and she’s absolutely fuming

AFTER the exchanging their vows and having first dance, the next most important thing for a bride and groom on their wedding day is cutting into their cake.

And while it's usually a heartwarming moment which involves the bride playfully shoving a piece into her husband's mouth, one recent pair of newlyweds weren't so lucky.

Instead, one of their VERY drunk guests decided to steal attention away from the couple in the worst way imaginable.

In a clip posted on Reddit's wedding shaming forum, the couple are about to take a bite of their red velvet wedding cake when a guest grabs a handful and throws it at the groom.

Not satisfied with just hitting this target, he then goes back for seconds and lunges at the bride.

Despite his best efforts, the bride narrowly missed the slab of cake he dropped over her head.

But that doesn't mean she wasn't absolutely fuming… and who can really blame her?

Needless to say, other members of the forum were stunned by the clip.

One replied: "Ah yes, that one relative who thinks he/she is the "life of a party" when really they're just immature a******."

"I feel so sorry for the bride and groom," another added. "I hope he feels maximum shame when he starts sobering up."

A third wrote: "Having seen people do s**t like this, he probably walked away laughing hard as f**k to cover the embarrassment. Proceeding to act REALLY drunk to excuse himself the following day for being blackout."

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