I excluded my mom’s pal from my wedding after she banned me from hers which was at my house – my mom said to let it go

A WOMAN revealed she got payback on her mother’s friend years after the friend snubbed her as a child. 

The mother argued that her daughter should have handled the situation differently because the drama happened so long ago. 

The woman explained that when she was a teenager, her mother’s friend got married at her house.

She therefore had to relocate for the night because the friend didn’t want any children present at her nuptials. 

The woman said wasn’t even allowed to quietly stay in her room for the event.

“About 17 years later, it was time for me to get married, and my mother wanted to invite this friend,” the woman explained.

“Well, I said absolutely the hell not. I wasn't allowed to be in my own bedroom when she got married at my parents' apartment, so why should I allow her to be at my wedding?”

She said her decision caused a “rift” between her and her mother, who ended up not inviting multiple of her friends so one wouldn’t be singled out. 

“[In] the time leading up to my wedding that I had this dispute with my mother, she told me that I need to let go of the past.

“I found that argument unavailing,” she noted.

However, the bride seems to be having feelings of guilt due to the fact that her mother gave her $15,000 toward her wedding – and now she's second-guessing herself.

After reading her post, the internet was split about the bride’s decision to exclude her mother’s close friend. 

“It’s your special day, not your mother’s. Paying a part of the wedding is a gift, that doesn’t make it her event,” one person commented in support. 

Another shared the same sentiment, writing, “This is karma for your mom not sticking up for you when her friend got married. 

“What a lot of nerve that woman has getting married in SOMEONE ELSE'S home and asking that their child not be allowed to even be holed up in their bedroom!”

However, some people called the woman out on holding a grudge for so long. 

“At the end of the day it was your parent’s decision to host a wedding in their apartment and also their decision to allow you to spend the night elsewhere, what a weird thing to hang onto for 17 years,” one user commented.

“Why is this perfectly acceptable choice for her wedding guests still such a big deal to you 20 years later? Normally I enjoy petty, but this is just pathetic,” another slammed. 

At the end of the day, the wedding happened, and the bride is going to have to live with her apparently questionable decision.  

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