I got engaged in five months & quit my job – I’m a stay-at-home wife & all I do is spend thousands on beauty and Chanel

WORKING a 9-5 job is tough, but one woman is in a very unique position and was able to quit her job after falling in love with her dream man. 

Jenna Michele, known as ‘thejennamichele’ on TikTok describes herself as a ‘stay-at-home wife’ and a ‘hot mom’.

From Chicago, 30-year-old Jenna revealed that her romance with her husband didn’t have a conventional start.

Unlike most couples, who will spend months getting to know each other before making it official, Jenna and her man were not just boyfriend and girlfriend after a few months, but were actually engaged to be married.

After just five months of their romance, the couple had sealed the deal with a ring and Jenna had quit her job to be a stay-at-home wife. 

Jenna took to TikTok to share her unique story and it’s left many open-mouthed. 

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She said: “Kinda like a stay at home girlfriend but my hand is heavier.

“Thinking about how I met a guy and five months late had a ring on my finger, quit my job, moved into his condo, and now I get to do whatever I want everyday.

“My husband funds my entire lifestyle so I don’t have to work and all I can provide is burnt flatbread that I forgot about.

“I would say it gets boring but I have a new bff named TikTok.

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“Someone’s gotta work for this family, and I can’t because I’m busy making TikToks.

“Ladies, stop giving your time to f boys and give it to a man who will let you quit your job and let you do whatever you want.” 

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Jenna shows off her elaborate life on TikTok, with her days consisting of trips to the gym, food shopping and regular ice coffee breaks.

Not only this, but she also goes shopping in Channel and regularly gets her nails done. 

She's also had a variety of beauty treatments after regular tips to beauty salons and she recently showed off the results of an eye lift.

And it seems that Jenna has not only got a life that many would dream of, but actually one that she dreamed of since she was just 18 years-old.

She explained: “I was 18 during syllabus week in college, we were going around the class doing introductions and the professor asked “what do you want to do for a career?”. I said “I want to be a stay at home trophy wife.” 

Many TikTokers were stunned at Jenna’s life and took to the comments to express this. 

One person said: “Sounds like a good deal to me.” 

Another added: “Me too! I’m happy, we deserve it lol.” 

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A third commented: “Love that for you.”

Another user said: “Teach me your ways.”

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