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IF you haven’t seen, Stacey Solomon recently took to social media to show off her fabulous DIY giant bauble hack.

If you fancy getting crafty this Christmas, Stacey has all the tips, tricks and hacks for you and left many very impressed with her homemade festive baubles.

Stacey, 33, uploaded a video to her TikTok account @staceysolomon where she filmed herself transforming some children’s footballs into a festive decoration most would envy.

The mum-of-four began by taking a Peppa Pig and a Paw Patrol ball and spray painting them in her chosen colour scheme – cream and brown.

Then Stacey waited until they were almost dry, before starting to decorate them. 

Stacey, who is married to Joe Swash, explained: “I let them dry, but not completely, and dab on some glitter while they’re still a bit tacky. Then you can spread it around nicely.”

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Once the main bauble was created, it was time to make the top of the decoration.

To do this, the TV presenter took a gold paper cup, cut the top off and then cut slits along the bottom.

Stacey then said: “I’m going to cut a load of slits along the bottom, fold up every other slit and cut them, so then it’ll look like the top of a bauble.

“Use the rim you cut off before as the handle bit.”

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Once the topper was ready to be put onto the bauble, Stacey said it was as simple as putting some glue on the parts that stick out and pressing it onto the bauble.

She concluded: “And voila! Giant Baubles – they’re the best thing I’ve ever seen, I love them!

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“And after I could probably jet wash these in the summer and they’ll be back to the ugly balls they were before.”

Many TikTok users were extremely impressed with Stacey’s creation, so much so that many have tried making them themselves.

One woman named Suraka Jane gave Stacey’s DIY baubles a try and not only do they look great, but people are saying that they actually look even better than Stacey’s.

Suraka took to the video sharing platform to show off her creation and posted her clip with the caption ‘Okay, Stacey, you did good! I LOVE THEM! Who else is gonna give this a go?!’

The savvy DIYer dueted Stacey’s video and said: “Wait what? Right I’m going, come on, let’s go – come shopping with me”.

We then see her singing along to Christmas songs in her car as she drives to buy her DIY items.

She continued: “Off to Smyths – got the balls, happy with my selection.

“Into Wilkinson’s – seriously lacking in the paint department but we work with what we got.

“There was also a serious lack of glitter in the store, which I am solely blaming you Stacey for your video – everyone has gone out and bought the glitter, but we’re going to work with what we’ve got, so let’s go”.

In the clip, we see Suraka follow Stacey’s method to create her giant baubles. 

Suraka painted hers green, silver and gold – but you could, of course, paint yours any colour you like.

She warned crafters: “Prepare to get a bit messy” as she showed off her paint-covered hands.

Suraka’s baubles look fabulous and she was very pleased with her creations.

She added: “I am very impressed with that.

“I am in love with them, I think they are beautiful.

“I am so impressed with how they have turned out”.

Many other TikTok users were left impressed too and in just 19 hours, Suraka’s video has quickly racked up a whopping 540.7k views.

It has 25.2k likes, 261 comments and 656 shares.

Many TikTok users were left stunned at Suraka’s giant baubles, with many saying that they looked even better than Stacey’s.

One person said: “Was sceptical about the red tops and thought they would look tacky. But with the ribbons they look even better than Stacey's”. 

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Another added: “Not gonna lie I like yours better”. 

A third commented: “These are better!” 

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