I’m a nurse and this is the best position for women with big boobs to breastfeed

A NURSE shared the best way for a woman with big boobs to breastfeed.

The nursing pro shared two potential positions that would mean the baby could feed comfortably – even when mum has an ample chest.

The pro previously shared videos demonstrating that you can comfortably breastfeed with a pillow on your lap and the baby resting on the cushion.

On TikTok the nurse explained the answer to a question from one of her followers: “What if mine look like this UU? Do I still put the pillow up high? Cause they’ll just be resting on the pillow!”

She replied: “ALL sizes can get comfortable! I’ve seen them all!”

The pro demonstrated using toy footballs as boobs – but made jokey apologies for the prop.

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After popping the large “boobs” under her top, she used a doll to show that you can still breastfeed with a pillow.

She said: “Use the pillow at whatever height still supports your wrist/arm!”

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She then moved the replica newborn around so that she was carrying the it under her arm like an American football.

She said: “Some larger chested people prefer to feed in football position!”

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She then popped a rolled up towel under the babies’ head so that it could get the right angle.

She said: “Use a roll in any position to feel supported!”

The expert captioned the helpful instructional video with: “Hope this helps!”

Fellow TikToker were quick to comment offering their gratitude for the tips.

One person said: “Ooh I didn’t even know the football hold was an option. Thank you!”

Another said: “The roll part was so helpful.”

To which the expert replied: “Good! Babies are heavy and after a few minutes your wrist just hurts if you don’t have enough support!”

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Another said: “I do football hold but worried my boob is squishing him.”

To which the pro said: “Make sure he’s back far enough so that his head tips back.”

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