I’m a style guru, three summer wardrobe mistakes I always see & it’s bad news if you love shorts and a vest top | The Sun

WITH summer fully upon us and the temperature beginning to soar, it’s time to dig out the summer wardrobe. 

However, a fashion fan has warned women that there are three common mistakes when it comes to summer style – but, luckily, with the right advice, they’re easily avoided. 

TikTok stylist Lydia Tomlinson, who can be found under the name @lydiajanetomlinson, lifted the lid on the fashion no-gos for the summer months in her latest social media post. 

In it, she told her 61,000 followers that the first fashion faux pas was “pairing a tighter top with short shorts.” 

She went on to explain: “There is no balance of proportion so this look can feel a little bit outdated and boring.”

Instead, Lydia suggested fashion fans opt for a slightly different look.

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She explained: “If you want to wear shorts with a tighter top, then instead go for something a little bit more loose.

She highlighted that Bermuda style shorts are a great alternative as they “provide contrast against the tighter top.”

While if you want to keep your shorter shorts on, swap out the fitted vest for a loose shirt that can be tucked in. 

Lydia then moved onto mistake number two – where women put a belt on every loose dress they own. 

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She said: “A belt on loose fabric doesn’t always cinch you in at the waist, or make it more flattering.

“You can end up with excess fabric bulking. Sometimes it feels more effortless and flattering to not belt the dress.”

The third and final common error with summer style is opting for the wrong footwear that doesn’t match your outfit.

Lydia, who can be seen wearing a long floral dress and brown brogues, said: “This example is exaggerated to demonstrate the point.

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“This dark, heavy leather of the shoes just doesn’t work against the linen, flowing dress.

“The contrast here is too extreme so instead opt for something more delicate to match the style of the dress.” 

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