I’m a teacher and these are my unpopular opinions about schools and why I think kids should be allowed to SLEEP in class

A SCHOOL teacher explained his "unpopular" opinions when it comes to education, including allowing a student who can't stay awake to sleep in class.

Mr Shutes, who regularly uploads videos about his work to TikTok, joked that he may he starting a riot by that students under 11 years old shouldn't be given homework.

In the short video on TikTok he listed off his three most controversial opinions.

She said: "My unpopular teacher opinion…

"Elementary students should NOT have homework.

"Recess should NOT be taken away as punishment.

"If a student can't stay awake in class, let them sleep."

The video, which was uploaded with the caption "Food for thought", quickly went viral and has now been liked almost 850k times.

Mr Shutes elaborated on his opinions in the comments section, where he said: "I believe homework ends up being busy work that does nothing but create a negative attitude towards school…"

Plenty of commenters agreed with his thoughts.

One said: "The homework thing kills me. They do school all day and come home to do more."


Another said: "We The PARENTS… APPROVE of all of this! Thank you."

But one wasn't so keen on his thoughts and said: "I respectfully disagree. As a high school teacher, this is not setting them up for future success."

To which the TikTok teacher replied: "Not giving me fifth grade students homework won't have much, if any, negative impact on their high school careers."

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