Master Mobility With Animal Flow Training

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Guys often claim that they train like animals, attacking every rep and set with almost feral intensity—but unless you’ve done Animal Flow, you’ve likely never truly experienced “beast mode.”

Not familiar with Animal Flow? You’ve probably stumbled across a class at your gym or yoga studio without even realizing what it was. Invented almost a decade ago by trainer Mike Fitch, this increasingly popular training style resembles a cross between yoga and Capoeira. Even though the practice almost entirely ground-based bodyweight movement, it might be exactly what you need to recharge your strength program.

That’s because Animal Flow fills a gap in many guys’ routines: mobility training. The workouts typically feature a series of (you guessed it) animal-inspired exercises with names like ape, beast, and crab that are linked together in a yoga-style flow. As you progress through the exercises, you move through full ranges of motion in multiple planes, developing greater coordination and body awareness as you build endurance, stability, mobility, and strength, especially in your core. Practice consistently, and you’ll soon find yourself moving more efficiently and powerfully both in and out of the gym.

Your move: Add an Animal Flow series to a couple of your weekly workouts, or swap out a workout entirely for a complete Animal Flow session.

It’s always best to take a live class when learning a new training style—and Animal Flow will be new to most people—but if that isn’t an option, you can find routines to perform solo anywhere with enough space to allow you to move freely (e.g., living room, backyard, etc.).

Get started with five must-do mobility moves from the creator of Animal Flow himself, Mike Fitch.

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