Mrs Hinch fans are sharing secret 65p hack to unblock drains – & it works every time

THERE'S nothing worse than hearing the whirring noise that indicates a blocked sink.

And let's face it, no one wants to fork out on a plumber. After all, they can be very pricey.

But luckily, there's no need to worry any more because Mrs Hinch fans have the perfect solution – and it costs just 65p.

As reported by The Express, the initial post that sparked the conversation read: "What can I use to unblock my bathroom sink?"

And the woman wasn't short of answers as cleaning fans flooded to the comments section with suggestions – and there was one stand out answer, soda crystals.

“Use soda crystals and vinegar,” advised one.


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A second penned: “Soda crystals and a kettle of hot water down the drain.”

A third commented: “Use soda crystals and hot water.”

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Meanwhile, a fourth added: "Use a cup of soda crystals, it’s a super cheap hack that my mum taught me years ago."

Pour boiling water from the kettle down after, it helps to remove the gunk and get things flowing again.”

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Soda crystals work by dissolving oils that could be causing the blockage, while hot water will then help to flush them away.

Another popular suggestion was "a can of cola," with the acidity helping to clear blocked drains without causing further damage to any pipework.

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