My boyfriend refuses to brush his teeth and will not go the dentist – I keep reminding him but he does not listen | The Sun

A WOMAN has shared her frustration with her boyfriend as he repeatedly refuses to brush his teeth or go to the dentist. 

Taking to Reddit anonymously, she explained that they’ve been together for three years, but she only discovered his secret when they moved in together. 

She wrote: “Since I moved in with him I found out he doesn't brush his teeth every morning. 

“I found out when I started to check his brush to see if it’s wet. At first it was really hard for me to talk about it with him but after some time I just got so sick with it I just started to nag him about it all the time. 

“The problem is, it doesn't help! He still forgets to brush his teeth a lot and it’s driving me mad.”

After she realised that the conversations she’d had with him hadn’t done the trick, she employed another tactic.

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The woman continued: “I asked him to go to the dentist and he refused. He says that he forgot the habit of brushing his teeth in the morning but really it’s not an excuse. 

“I don't know what to do anymore because I can't control if he remembers to brush his teeth or not.

“If our relationship wasn't so meaningful I would have broken off with him already, but I can't.” 

She then pleaded with others to help her find a way “ to teach an adult how to brush his teeth every morning.” 

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Others on the site empathised with the woman’s struggle and offered up their own advice on how they’d deal with a similar situation. 

One wrote: “You can’t make him do anything. You’ll have to figure out what that means for your relationship. 

“I’d recommend talking about it once more and emphasising that it’s very important to you. You will have to accept it or move on if he doesn’t want to change after that.”

Another said that they had been in the exact same scenario, but decided it was on their partner if they wanted to have bad hygiene and breath. 

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But they then went on to say: “However, in situations where we will be out in public together, I always ask him to brush his teeth before we leave, and he does. 

“And at night, we get ready for bed together so it's not really an issue.” 

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She replied: “Thank you for your comment, it was very helpful and gave me some perspective. 

“I guess I'll just try to help him without nagging him.” 

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