My sister invited my ex to her wedding and let him propose to the girl he cheated on me with – that’s not the worst part

A WOMAN has revealed her wedding horror story: Her ex-boyfriend proposed to his new girlfriend at her own sister’s wedding.

The poster is completely heartbroken over the matter, but her family is against her and even called her “bitter” for being upset.

The woman, who explained her upsetting situation in an anonymous post to Reddit,  said her ex-boyfriend ghosted her after one-and-a-half years of dating and then immediately got together with their mutual friend, who she called “E” for the sake of her story.

“One day on my way back from work I saw him coming out of the movies with an acquaintance of mine [and they were] kissing and holding hands,” she wrote. 

The woman claimed E had previously been very disapproving of her relationship with the man and even told her he was out of her league.

“I was heartbroken, but at the same time very disgusted by my ex’s behavior. 

“My anger and isolation [during the pandemic] helped the healing process,” she continued. 

However, the ex popped back up into the poster’s life when her own sister, who is friends with E, invited E and the ex-boyfriend to her wedding because E provided a venue for her nuptials for free. 

While the woman, who was the maid of honor for the wedding, originally became furious with her sister, she later apologized and things were going swimmingly. 

That was until she had to watch her ex get down on one knee at her sister’s rehearsal dinner and ask E for her hand in marriage. 

“I was mortified [and] I wanted to vomit,” she recalled. 

“I didn’t say anything and didn’t join in the cheering. 

“I wanted to run away but I couldn’t ruin my sister’s wedding so I stayed for the next day and left the morning of the third day [of wedding festivities].”

The woman admitted she felt “betrayed” by her sister, but her sister later explained that E had set the whole engagement up and felt like she couldn’t say no because E provided her with a wedding venue. 

“I told her to go f**k herself if she thought a perfect party was worth hurting her own sister. 

“She called me bitter and jealous and hung up,” the woman wrote, adding that she and her sister have not spoken since. 

The angry sister then informed her mother that she would not be celebrating Christmas with them due to the ordeal, but her mother informed her she needed to get over it because she is “not the first person to be dumped.” 

“I know it’s not mom or sister’s fault and I’m so afraid that I have become so resentful and bitter like they said but I am so hurt it feels like physical pain in my heart,” the woman shared before asking how to move forward.  

The people of the internet have spoken, and they have largely agreed that the sister who got married made the wrong move. 

“That’s a low blow from your sister,” one person wrote. 

“She should have given you a subtle heads up at least. 

“But really… I would never let my sister's ex propose at my wedding??”

“Is a party so worth hurting your sister like this?” another user questioned. 

“I would’ve NEVER done it if E had offered me the Versailles!!”

Many others found it “creepy” that E “orchestrated” her own engagement in front of her boyfriend’s ex. 

Several readers also mentioned that it’s “tacky” to get engaged during someone else’s wedding or at events surrounding the wedding.

Another bride, who shut down a proposal at her wedding, would agree. 

Proposing at other people’s weddings is a highly-debated and often polarizing topic, as exemplified by the poster’s story. 

Now it seems she will have to decide if her sister’s actions are enough to hold a grudge, or if she will move on and maintain a healthy relationship with her sister and mother.

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