Supermodels and Fashion Editors Agree: Skorts Are Back — Really!

When I started high school, I made a decision to leave the basketball team I'd been on for 10 years and joined the tennis team. Prior to try-outs, I don't think I'd ever held a tennis racket for more than five minutes, but my family's inherent talent for the game came through. Not sure if it was genetics, but I made it on the varsity team. I loved everything about being on the court: the fresh air, the hot sun beaming down, the sound of hitting the perfect serve, and, of course, my cute but practical tennis skort. 

Little did I know then that nine years later, my sports uniform would become my all-time favorite summertime uniform. The skort is back, and I'm telling you, it's the only staple you'll want to wear this summer. One of my favorites is from Girlfriend Collective, and these days, I reach for it again and again. 

Shop now: $23;

Shop now: $28;

The skort, which I now own in various colors and silhouettes, is my most treasured summer staple. It's stretchy, it wicks moisture, it's cute, it has pockets, and it works for literally every summertime activity. I've worn mine on miles-long bike rides, shopping dates with friends, dinners with the family, and most recently, all-day hiking tips on the North Shore of Minnesota (temps were in the high 90s, but I was as comfy and cool as ever, thanks to my skort). If that doesn't speak to its versatile nature, I don't know what does.

Part of the reason I'm so fond of it is because it brought me back to those good ol' high school tennis days, but mostly I can't get over how comfortable it is, how easy it is to wear, and how cute it looks. The first day I styled it with a BP. tank top, platform pool slides, and a headband. The next day, I wore it with a black bodysuit and chunky white sneakers. On a 100-degree day, I styled the skirt with a bikini top. 

If you're looking for a no-fuss staple that can do it all, look no further than a skort. Shop my favorites below from brands like Alo Yoga, Spanx, and Zella.

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Shop now: $28;

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