The home decor you love with secret VERY rude meanings – from pampas grass to pineapple door knockers

ARE you living next door to swingers, bed-swappers or kinky love-makers?

They say you never know what goes on behind closed doors, but there are some hidden symbols which could forever change the way you think of your neighbours.

Or maybe you have some of these yourself – and had no idea the signals you were giving off.

Here we take a look at the secret rude messages wrapped up in everyday home and garden decor, from the choice of plants to wallpaper and mirrors.

Pampas grass

This grass is one of the more exotic-looking plants to happily grow on UK soil.

It’s also considered to be a secret sign that its owners are happy to indulge in some colourful bedroom antics.

The Telegraph previously reported that the plant’s association with swinging is linked to dropping sales and meant some garden centres have stopped stocking it altogether.

Loud wallpaper

Have your neighbours redecorated recently?

Well, take another look at that striking new wallpaper because you could actually be appreciating a load of labias hiding in plain sight.

Brands like Filthy Homme specialise in raunchy wall dressings with design names like Popped Cherries, D*** Picnic and Labia Labyrinth (pictured).

They’re currently all sold out too, which tells you everything you need to know!

Bedding is another place where decorators can pay tribute to the male and female anatomy.

Take this lovely lilac duvet cover from Spoonflower, for example.

Yep, you guessed it. Those aren’t shells.

Pineapple door knocker

Pineapples are having a moment, with everything from fruity-designed ornaments, artwork and cushions on sale to give homes a tropical twist.

But in the form of a door knocker, they’re rumoured to have a very different hidden meaning.

According to alternative lifestyle website Bigger Love, they’re a secret symbol that the residents are swingers.

Think twice before knocking on that door!

Large mirrors

Large mirrors in the home can be a sign that your neighbours like to watch themselves in the act.

Interior designer Maxwell Ryan, AKA ‘The Apartment Therapist’ said: “An attractive, large standing mirror or wall mirror that allows you to watch yourselves (when you’re ready to) is super stimulating and can take you to new heights.” 

In fact, they’re one of his top tips for creating a sexy boudoir.

Standing mirrors, he says, are even better: “You can easily move it if you want to as well.”

Good luck getting that mental image out of your head. 

Rude plants

If your green-fingered neighbour invites you over to check out his ‘sticky willy’, it may not be what you first feared.

It’s the common name for an innocent-looking plant which grows along the ground, otherwise known as Galium Aparine.

In fact, there are lots of blooms with eyebrow-raising names that very few people would know – giving the avid gardeners among us the perfect excuse to have a little fun.

So the next time your neighbour’s garden is blossoming, remember you could be admiring a riot of Stiffcock, Cockhold Herb, Shaggy Soldier and Nipplewort.

Some are more conspicuous than others though… You don’t need to be an expert in plants to see where the Rhodochiton atrosanguineus, otherwise known as Black Man’s Willy, got its name.

Scented candles

Now, we’re not talking about every type of scented candle here.

If you’ve recently treated yourself to the massive Yankee candle set on offer at Tesco, you’re in the clear!

But if your neighbours’ home is regularly filled with the scent of heady rose, fresh cotton or deep, smokey wood you might want to make your excuses and leave.

These fragrances are designed to help set the scene for a night of steamy love-making so either you’re overstaying your welcome, or they could be trying to seduce you as well!

Colourful garden features

While they may look sweet and innocent, it turns out garden gnomes are another likely indicator that the homeowner is into swinging.

An estate agent in the US found this out the hard way, when their client was warned off buying in a ‘huge swinger community’.

White landscaping rocks are another tell-tale sign of swingers, according to Bigger Love, and there’s also an urban legend that people who put a pink flamingo in the front garden are into liberal sexual antics.

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