What the new moon means for YOUR star sign – and if you're thinking of having a makeover, now's the time

WITH the next New Moon arriving on October 6th in the sign of Libra, it’s a good time to activate, initiate and create new goals or activities that play up to the best traits of the Libran sign.

If you're thinking of having a makeover either by enhancing your appearance, surroundings or environment now is the time to take the initiative and do it!

From a cosmic point of view, a Libran New Moon will influence your closest relationships. So, it’s a great time to date, seeks romantic connections, and play the field.

If you’re in a relationship, it’s a real opportunity to instigate some heart-to-heart talks, particularly around the theme of balance.

Are you both pulling your weight and in the same direction? Does your attention and affection feel equally given and taken?

Are you both living life in harmony, or are there extremes or imbalances that could be worked on? Are you being fair to each other?

Balance doesn’t just happen; we create it. And this New Moon will bring you the calmness, empathy, and clarity to see where you need to adjust and make those changes together.

ARIES – Death

For single Aries, look for a dramatic, passionate Scorpio! They are ruled by Mars, like you, and are equal in terms of sexual energy and ambition. A true challenge!

For attached Aries, the Death card means something needs a complete overhaul in your relationship, a 360 turnaround.

You both feel it, and you can both do your bit to make this happen by the end of the month. It could be related to sex, family, lifestyle, or money.

Death is a nudge to you personally to seek to end things that no longer serve you well, and introduce new habits, activities or people who uplift and enliven you. Things change, so must you.

TAURUS- The Fool

For single Taureans, look for a go-getting, youthful and fun Aries! This is someone totally new to you, and they will burst into your life with a flurry of exciting energy and new opportunities.

They make you feel renewed, and like anything is possible.

For attached Taureans, the Fool card means you’re ready for a fresh start, a clean slate. Is that together or separately? If separately, now is the time to have that discussion.

If together, ditto. Focus on the new vision, the new ideas you have to make your life together better. Let the past go.

The Fool is a nudge to you personally to turn the page in your life and activate a new ambition, role, project, or activity. It’s something optimistic and inspiring, other people may raise an eyebrow but don’t let that stop you. 

GEMINI – Ten of Coins

For single Geminis, look for an older, successful, and secure Earth sign (Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo)! They are wealthy, strong, experienced, comfortable in their own skin, and they make you feel safe.

For attached Geminis, the Ten of Coins means you are ready to ~nest~ and, if you’re already ~nesting~, to grow the nest!

Family, home improvements or moves, investments, saving for something big and special, engagement or weddings.

All are on the cards for you! Discuss and align your vision of love.
The Ten of Coins is a nudge to you personally to recognise you’re ready to put down roots, to make some long-term plans and investments, and future-proof your life, starting here and now.

CANCER – Four of Cups

For single Cancerians, look for a shy, humble Water sign (Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio) who is already known to you, but perhaps you’ve not thought about them in this way.

For attached Cancerians, the Four of Cups hints that the balance between companionship and passion has tipped the wrong way, and you’re just not feeling it like you used to.

The spark needs reignition. Plan an exciting series of Date Nights, get back into that zone.

The Four of Cups is a nudge to you personally to refocus on the strengths, advantages, and joy you already have right under your nose.

You have lost sight of some of your best assets. Don’t let them go before you realise what you’ve got.

LEO – Eight of Swords

For single Leos, look for a sparky, challenging Air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius).

This person may have been an object of affection for a while, but circumstances prevented you from getting together. Well, things have changed.

For attached Leos, the Eight of Swords shows you’ve both gotten into a rut of behaviour that is driven by a projection of inner insecurities that you project onto each other.

It’s the fear of someone doing something rather than a reality, but you’re acting like it’s already happened.

The Eight of Swords is a nudge to you personally to identify the self-built ~mental prisons~ you’ve gotten trapped in and remove self-limiting beliefs or thinking from your mind. A clean slate

VIRGO – King of Wands

For single Virgos, look for a sexy, adventurous, and spontaneous Fire sign (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius)! They are up for anything and manage to sweep you off your feet, even against your own (better) judgment. This is a whirlwind.

For attached Virgos, the King of Wands means someone is having it more their own way, and getting used to that being the ~new normal~. The squeaky wheel gets the oil.

So, squeak more! Or, if it’s you then squeak less! The King of Wands is a nudge to you personally to invite adventure and spontaneous fun into your life more.

Book trips, travel, new hobbies, social events, new things to do. Create an exciting autumn schedule for yourself.

LIBRA – Three of Coins

For single Libras, look for a hardworking, serious, and ambitious Earth sign (Virgo, Taurus or Capricorn)! They actually have had a crush on you for a loooong time, and they’re now ready to make their play.

For attached Librans, the Three of Coins asks you to start doing small, appreciative things for each other, and reinstate romantic gestures, compliments and kindnesses.

When we’re treated nicely, we’re nicer, and this creates a good karma cycle of niceness. Love will flourish in this atmosphere.

The Three of Coins is a nudge to you personally to know that your power is in your presence.

You impress people. Put yourself in front of people with influence or who can offer you something you want, because your charisma is irresistible right now.

SCORPIO – Six of Wands

For single Scorpios, look for a carefree, fun-loving, and funny Fire sign (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius)!

They are one of those people that everyone loves, they make everyone around them laugh, and they are a pleasure to be in company with.

For attached Scorpios, the Six of Wands means all is fundamentally well, and perhaps you just need to relax more and open up to your other half and let them in a bit.

You can be guarded and secretive by nature, and it’s hard for partners to feel truly intimate with you emotionally.

The Six of Wands is a nudge to you personally to celebrate this New Moon! Life is good, you’ve done good, the future can be just as good.

Appreciate what you’ve got, and show gratitude to those who’ve helped you. Life IS good.

SAGITTARIUS – Eight of Cups

For single Sagittarians, look for a Water sign (Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer).

It’s possible this is someone you’ve dallied with before, and things didn’t work out back then… but they could now.

Or perhaps they are coming out of a relationship, feeling bruised, and needing some of your Jupiter energy.

For attached Sagittarians, the Eight of Cups indicates you feel disappointed in your relationship and it has not lived up to what you hoped for.

Decision-time! Are you sticking it out and working on it, or letting it go and moving on? Make a choice and invest in it.

The Eight of Cups is a nudge to you personally to acknowledge and process things that aren’t working for you and let them go.

The Universe will bring better to replace what you release. Don’t cling on to negative, false, or fading energy.

CAPRICORN – Page of Wands

For single Capricorns, look for a younger, exciting and dynamic Fire sign (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius).

This person may be connected to education in some way, and they are a breath of fresh air to you.

For attached Capricorns, the Page of Wands means you’re in a ~choppy~ phase of your relationship, where you’re trying new and different things, and some stuff works, and some don’t.

You feel out of kilter and are both working out how to get things back on an even keel. Talk about this. Slow down. Take a breath. Just be.

The Page of Wands is a nudge to you personally to realise that less is more. Stop stopping and starting so many different approaches or activities, and just stick with what you know.

Bring in new ideas, but one at a time, test them fully before moving on to the next thing.

AQUARIUS – Seven of Cups

For single Aquarians, look for an imaginative, dreamy Water sign (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio).

This person is incredibly creative, maybe even working in the arts. They have so many ideas and stories, they captivate you.

For attached Aquarians, the Seven of Cups shows that you both need to dream the same dream and work together on it.

You can be a ~solo flier~ and tend to focus on your own stuff. Don’t leave your partner out. Agree on a shared project, goal, or challenge, and do it together.

The Seven of Cups is a nudge to you personally to revamp your ideals and ambitions, with a healthy dose of your daydreams and fantasies, because you CAN manifest what you dream of.

Bring your imaginative ideas into real life

PISCES – The Emperor

For single Pisceans, look for a bold, dynamic, and powerful Aries or Scorpio. This person is a BOSS and probably has their own business or entrepreneurial venture. They dazzle you.

For attached Pisceans, The Emperor suggests there is an imbalance of power in your relationship.

One or the other (or both) is struggling for the upper hand and taking too much control over things. Discuss how you feel, ask them what’s going on. Get to the bottom of this.

The Emperor is a nudge to you personally to stick up for yourself, to hold your head high and demand that your needs are met, and, if they’re not, to do something about it. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

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