90 Day Fiance: Which Stars Are Professional Models?

90 Day Fiance means different things for different people.

Some consider it "trashy" entertainment, while others find it almost education, or very personal to their own stories.

Some of the show's stars are, let's face it, hot, and they knew that when they signed up.

Part of the dream of going on reality TV is to become famous and then monetize that fame.

That can mean Cameo, or appearing on spinoffs.

It can also mean launching or greatly boosting a modeling career.

Here are several members of the cast who are models.

Just looking at them, it's easy to understand how they can make a career out of looking gorgeous.

1.Juliana Custodio

2.She's the real deal


4.Paola Mayfield

5.Fortunately, a lot has changed

6.Pao still puts her body on display

7.Anfisa Arkhipchenko Nava


9.She still models

10.Rosemarie Vega

11.But she turned a bad situation into a good one

12.She looks gorgeous

13.Natalie Mordovtseva

14.She's a beautiful woman

15.She left that behind

16.Julia Trubkina

17.She is absolutely gorgeous

18.SERIOUSLY not shy

19.Larissa Lima

20.These days, she's not in Vegas

21.We expect to see more from her in the future

22.Kirlyam Cox

23.Thinking back …

24.Their storyline could have been very different

25.Deavan Clegg

26.She's a professional

27.She's gone back to it since then

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