‘Beverly Hills, 90210′ Actress Christine Elise Says Jessica Alba is Lying About No Eye Contact Comment, Later Apologizes

Another Beverly Hills, 90210 star is addressing Jessica Alba‘s comment about not making eye contact with the actors.

During an interview on Beverly Hills 90210 Show podcast, former cast member Christine Elise slammed Jessica after she said wasn’t allowed to make eye contact with the cast of 90210 while on set.

On the show, Christine played Emily Valentine from season two to season five.

“[Producer] Paul Waigner did say, ‘The girls may not be nice, the guys might not be nice,’ but that’s as bad as it got!” Christine said. “That cast is very nice and if they don’t like you, they go away. That whole ‘don’t make eye contact’ [claim] is — I’m gonna call it what it is — it’s a f–king lie.”

Later, Christine took to Instagram to share a statement apologizing for calling Jessica a “liar.”

“I just want to comment on the article today where I was quoted as calling Jessica Alba a liar,” Christine wrote. “First of all – I have never met her but have always admired her work. I am certain she is a lovely woman.”

She continued: “JA was quoted as saying she was told not to make eye contact with the cast or risk being thrown off the set. That does not sound like the set I was on – and, though I was only in a handful of episodes.”

“I just want to say that it BAFFLES me that any controversy at all can be worked up over a show that went off the air 20 years ago. Perhaps she was misquoted or the remark was taken out of context but – left unanswered – it implies that the entire cast engaged in unprofessional diva behavior & that they were unwelcoming to guest stars,” Christine went on. “I think that is an inaccurate & unjust representation of a lot of people I consider to be my friends. The fact remains that maybe someone – an extra or whatever – delivered that warning to her. That does not mean it was, in fact, something the cast demanded.”

“So, I regret calling her a liar but, more importantly, I regret jumping into this sandbox,” Christine concluded. “What a sad state of affairs that the cast members of a beloved show that premiered THIRTY YEARS AGO are still fodder for ancient history gossip – about things that allegedly happened nearly 25 years ago. I am embarrassed about my part in this. Apologies to Jessica Alba.”

Christine isn’t the only one to address Jessica‘s comments. Many other Beverly Hills, 90210 stars have also talked about what she said.

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