Blake Lively Shows Off Ryan Reynolds’ Bulging Biceps In Cute New Birthday Video — Watch

Blake Lively got a lot of great gifts for her 33rd birthday. But her hunky husband Ryan Reynolds’ muscular arms were the best present of all in photos she shared with fans.

What do you get for the woman who has nearly everything? Blake Lively celebrated her 33rd birthday on Aug. 25, and got gifts ranging from gorgeous personalized jewelry to amazing baked goods and even a decorated egg McMuffin. But it was her husband Ryan Reynolds buff body that had her saying “Happy Birthday to me!” The stunning actress showed fans photos of her hunky 43-year-old husband carrying a birthday cake towards her and it was his bulging biceps that got Blake’s attention.

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Blake shared a series of photos to her Instagram stories showing Ryan carrying a birthday cake that looked like he attempted to bake himself, as the shortcake, creme and berry confection was tilted and partially collapsing on one side. While the Deadpool star was looking down at the cake with candles on it, Blake was paying more attention to his body.

Ryan looked buff in a tight navy t-shirt that showed of his sculpted torso and chest. His bare arm muscles were slightly bulging and The Shallows star shared a grand total of FIVE photos of Ryan’s left arm bicep, zooming in closer and closer to his muscles with each picture. On the final snapshot, she wrote, “Happy Birthday to me.”

Blake and Ryan are known for totally trolling each other on social media for each other’s birthdays, with Ryan sharing either really awkward looking photos of his wife or ones of the couple together where he mostly crops her out. One year Blake got him back by wishing her hubby a happy birthday by showing a photo of him posing with fellow hot Canadian, Ryan Gosling. Only she cropped most of her Ryan out to let La La Land star show in full view.

Surprisingly, Ryan didn’t prank Blake this year on social media. Maybe having three young daughters to take care of while counting his $610 million from the recent sale of his Aviator Gin label kept him too busy to troll his wife. But if he really did attempt to bake her that birthday cake, maybe that was enough to give Blake a laugh. Hopefully it tasted good!

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