Chris Evans: Virgin Radio DJ says hes developed moobs thanks to hair loss treatment

Chris Evans jokes about 'moobs' from hair loss medication

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Virgin Breakfast Show presenter Chris Evans, 55, has claimed that he and his co-host Vassos Alexander, 46, have both grown “man boobs”, which he suspects is as a result of taking hair loss treatment Propecia for over a decade. The two presenters opened up about the physical changes they’ve experienced, which also includes “swollen” joints.

My head will be, very soon I imagine, bald as a coot

Chris Evans

Speaking to co-presenter Rachel Horne and Vassos, the star spoke candidly about the changes in his body.

He said: “Vassos and I, since we’ve been taking Propecia for our hair loss, we seem to have acquired ‘moobs’.

“Now one of the potential side effects – and we’re not saying it is to do with our Propecia taking over the last 10 years.

“But it may be a side effect because of Propecia, also my testosterone is at really, like desperately low levels, that could be another thing going on.”

The drug works by blocking the hormone responsible for the baldness.

According to Superdrug’s online doctor, around one in 100 people experience side effects of low libido and erectile dysfunction, which disappear when the medication is discontinued.

However, the star revealed that he suspects he will soon lose his hair after coming off the hair loss treatment.

“I had a look at a list, I’m thinking I’m going to knock the Propecia on the head.

“Talking about heads, if I knock the Propecia on the head my head will be, very soon I imagine, bald as a coot, as my mum would say.

“I don’t know what that actually means…” Chris trailed off before his co-presenter stepped in.

“Coots are feathered,” chipped in co-host Rachel.

“I don’t know,” said Chris, before adding: “You could talk to mum about it but sadly she’s no longer here.”

“I could ask my sister, she might know,” Chris continued.

Butting in, Vassos asked whether the radio DJ was including him in his experience of supposed hair loss treatment side-effects.

“Do I have to go with the moobs as well?” asked Vassos with an embarrassed laugh.

“You have got moobs,” claimed Chris, as Vassos suggested, “Pecs?”

“No no, alright, good for you! Good for you!” Chris laughed, before adding, “I wish we could all look in the mirror and see what you see Vassos.”

Chris continued: “Are you sure it’s a mirror and not just a poster of -” he said before Vassos chipped in and suggested Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“Shut up! You wish!” scoffed the radio host.

“Arnie!” he continued, “It’s unbelievable!”

“What great self-belief,” added Rachel, before Chris jumped in and suggested “self-delusion” instead.

Going back to the topic of the side-effects of hair loss treatment, Chris added: “So Vassos has moobs, he has little fat fingers and swollen ankles so it could be Propecia so we’ve stopped taking it.”

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