Jared Leto’s ‘Tron’ Movie Is Moving Forward, Director Hired

Jared Leto‘s Tron movie will be moving forward once again, as Disney has hired a director to helm the project.

Deadline reports that Garth Davis has been tapped to fill that role.

Garth is most recognized for the 2016 drama Lion, which received six Oscar nominations including for Best Picture.

Jared has been attached to star in the next movie of the long-stalled franchise since 2017.

Sequel plans after the 2010 film were delayed as the studio wasn’t sure where to go with the story, but now things seem to be picking back up.

Tron, which first debuted in 1982, was set inside the computer program called the Grid, where a computer hacker Kevin Flynn is abducted and forced to participate in gladiatorial games.

The 2010 film revived the franchise and focused on Sam, Kevin Flynn’s son, who finds himself stuck in the Grid, where he finds his father has been for the past 20 years.

Just recently, a Disney executive opened up about the future of the films.

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