Luke Bryan Steps Up To Walk Beloved Niece Down The Aisle At Her Wedding After Tragic Deaths Of Her Parents

Good guy No, GREAT guy Luke Bryan!

The country music crooner and south Georgia native stepped up big time for his niece Jordan Cheshire‘s wedding on Sunday, September 5 in Nashville, Tennessee. Don’t mind us, we’ll just be over here drying the tears from our eyes as we react to this inspiring moment of support from the larger-than-life country music star!

You see, after the 26-year-old bride-to-be suffered the devastating loss of both of her parents while growing up as a younger woman, it wasn’t clear who would walk her down the aisle for her big day on Sunday.

But Luke quickly became the obvious choice! After all, the performer and his wife Caroline Bryan stepped in to care for Jordan and her two siblings after their parents’ deaths years earlier, so it only seemed natural that the Play It Again singer would do the same when it came time for Jordan’s nuptials.

And so it went down on Sunday, with Luke walking Jordan down the aisle in what outlets are calling “a stunning Nashville ceremony” to go marry her husband, Clint Eudy. Video from the awe-inspiring ceremony shows the country artist looking as handsome as can be in his tux while Jordan clings to his arm and they trek down the aisle to her forever after fairy tale.

Plus, later on in the evening, Luke and Jordan shared a special first dance in place of what she wasn’t able to get from her father — with video showing the supportive country superstar whispering to and clearly caring about his beloved niece while out on center stage. For the bride — whose mother (Luke’s sister) died back in 2007, followed by her father (Luke’s brother-in-law) in 2014 — this must have been such an unbelievable moment.

Ch-ch-check out some of the tear-jerking highlights from an incredible weekend celebrating love and family for yourself (below):

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Wow! Just… WOW!!!

Caroline came up big for the wedding, too, walking down the aisle ahead of the ceremony with her and Luke’s two sons, 13-year-old Bo and 11-year-old Tate.

Luke’s sister, Kelly, died from unknown causes in 2007, as we noted above, leaving the singer’s brother-in-law Ben Cheshire to raise Jordan and her two siblings, Kris and Til. When Ben died seven years later, then, in 2014, it became obvious to Luke and Caroline that they were needed to step up for the three kids. They did so without question, from that day forward, even going so far as to officially adopt Til, the youngest of the three orphaned children, who was just 12 years old at the time. (Jordan was already 19 years old when the second tragedy struck.)

Bryan has been country music’s golden boy for years now, but he’s really proven what a quality person he is in the aftermath of these horrible tragedies. Luke also lost a brother in a car accident in 1996, back when the country singer was only 19 years old so suffice to say he has sadly known tragedy all too well.

He came up big this weekend for his niece, though, that’s for sure.

What an amazing, emotional moment. We’re not crying, you’re crying! (OK, we’re crying, too…)

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