818 Tequila: How Kendall Jenner Is Growing Her Alcohol Brand

When Kendall Jenner tried her luck by joining several other celebrities that had curated their own alcohol brands, she had no idea that her concept would be an instant, swooping success. She threw herself into this new project by spending four years learning all about how tequila is manufactured and customizing the taste and consistency to her liking. The end result was her incredible, now world-famous 818 Tequila. From the moment of inception, Jenner remained open to evolving the brand and continuing to craft and refine it to better suit the needs of her consumers. The end result has far surpassed Jenner’s expectation, and sales of 818 Tequila continue to excel.

Self Promotion At Its Finest

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One of the biggest advantages Jenner has when it comes to driving up the sales of her product happens to be her very own celebrity status. As a member of one of the most recognized families in Hollywood, Jenner has a profoundly expansive following on social media and has used her influence to promote 818 Tequila with huge success. While many other non-celebrity product brands are forced to engage expensive media advertising companies to attract attention, Jenner simply puts up a promotion on Instagram or Twitter, and with a click of a button, she is reaching millions of fans that are eager to support her.

Taking the art of self-promotion one step further, Kendall Jenner also happens to be one of the highest-paid supermodels in current history, as well as one of the most instantly recognizable figures in the world of fashion. She has flawlessly stepped up as the model behind all of 818 Tequila’s advertising. Her stunning image has been used in all of the brand’s visual promotions, making her a double threat to the industry.

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Instant, Record- Breaking Sales

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Jenner and her team knew they were on to something when they began to craft this brand of tequila, but even they couldn’t predict the instant success that 8181 Tequila would see.

Sources reveal that; “In the two months since the launch of Kendall Jenner’s 818 Tequila, the brand’s sales have already exceeded the figures forecast for its first two years of business,” according to the company’s president.

Jenner’s tequila sold out of all stores within four hours of launching, and Mike Novy, the president and CEO of the brand, went on to indicate that, “In that first week of launch, most stores that we went into sold out anywhere from a matter of a couple of days to within the week.”

818 Tequila was first slated for release in California in May of 2021 and immediately saw an increase in sales, leading to the expansion of sales to Nevada, Texas, New Jersey, Florida, and Georgia.

Novy later confirmed that one of his trade partners believed 818 Tequila to have sold “more volume to more accounts in the first 30 minutes than their next best tequila launch had done in the first 30 days.”

In no time at all, Kendall Jenner went from having an idea to creating a massive company that was seeing huge success. Her team stated that her tequila was positioned to become one of the most successful spirits launches overall – not limited to just the tequila category.

Production Expands

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818 Tequila was immediately embraced, and when Jenner and her team realized that their sales goals were not just being met but were being far surpassed, they decided to expand production and follow their natural growth pattern. They moved to a new facility in which they gained exclusivity as being the only tequila manufactured within the space.

The opportunity for expansion was now unlimited, allowing for greater projections and heightened sales volume potential.

Kendall Jenner was now in a whole new league with other celebrity alcohol brands, joining the likes of George Clooney and Dwayne’ The Rock’ Johnson, who had shattered records with the sales of their own brands of alcohol.

Enhanced Sustainability Initiatives

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Like any other business model, there were some learning curves for Kendall Jenner. In spite of huge sales margins and impressive growth patterns, Jenner faced some serious backlash in the early days of her launch. She was accused of cultural appropriation after revealing an ad campaign that saw her sitting on top of a horse while physical laborers worked behind her.

Quick thinking led Jenner’s team towards establishing local initiatives and investing in creating enhanced sustainability options for her brand. In September, mere months after the initial release of 818 Tequila, Jenner announced her partnership with SACRED (Saving Agave for Culture, Recreation, Education and Development), a non-profit group that supports Mexican communities in the region where the tequila was made. They began producing tequila in a new distillery that puts the focus on innovative, environmentally conscious production.

SACRED works to give back to the local Mexcian community by fundraising for programs that help re-plant the agave, which is sacred to the tequila-making process. They oversee the repair of water damage caused by local earthquakes and help with brick production for local community expansion. Their direction has gone on record to state, “It’s our mission to support the people who make agave spirits, in hopes of sustaining the multigenerational wisdom and practices they inherited from their progenitors who made tequila, mezcal, and other heritage spirits. Our goal is to support the communities that are integral to agave production by working with them directly and asking them what they need.”

If the current state of affairs of 818 Tequila are of any indication, Kendall Jenner is well on her way to becoming the leader of one of the most successful celebrity-owned Tequila brands the world has ever seen.

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