Apprentice star Amy Anzel has a massive net worth despite her failed business

The Apprentice has returned for another series after a two year hiatus, bringing with it a whole new batch of moguls-in-the-making.

One of the contestants vying for the £250,000 investment prize is beauty and cosmetics CEO Amy Anzel.

Hailing from New York, Amy has led a varied life up until her appearance on The Apprentice 2022.

She's featured on reality TV shows, set up businesses and even had a child.

Her Instagram shows what she gets up to in her busy life, from enjoying time with her young son, to pushing her cosmetics company — Hollywood Browzer.

Who is Amy Anzel on The Apprentice?

Apprentice contestant Amy Anzel, 48, is an American businesswoman and former actress.

Amy is the CEO and founder of eyebrow brand, Hollywood Browzer, and although she found her passion for business late on — her brand already boasts 50,000 Instagram followers.

On her website her bio reads: "As a former actress, Founder and Creator of The Hollywood Browzer, Amy Anzel, spent hours in makeup trailers and backstage dressing rooms around the world and was constantly exposed to the tips and tricks of various makeup artists and Hollywood celebrities.

"The concept behind The Hollywood Browzer was one of the celebrity favourites that Amy discovered during that time."

Amy Anzel TV appearances

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Amy has appeared on TV plenty of times before.

She first showed up on screens during The Bachelor in 2002, and has also appeared on films including Kick-Ass 2 and Witchwise, according to her IMDb.

In 2013, The Apprentice star also appeared on Channel 4's The Sound of Musicals where she competed in producing a West End musical.

Amy also often pops up on shopping channel QVC, representing her cosmetics brand.

Despite her background in showbiz and musical, Amy describes herself as a “tough boss”.

She told the BBC: “I can be nice when I need to be.

"But when I unfortunately have to be a b***h, I will…”

What businesses does Amy Anzel own and what is her net worth?

Although she now owns beauty brand Hollywood Browzer, Amy has dabbled in business before.

In fact, she once owned a stage production company which reportedly went bust owing nearly £1million.

Companies House records show that the company — Happy Days — owed £960,568 to investors and suppliers.

This being said, Biography Net Worth claimed that Amy has a whopping net worth of $1.1million (£800,000).

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