Are these Britain's most beautiful rooms?

Are these Britain’s most stylish rooms? Winners of a competition to find the nation’s best interiors are unveiled – and a VERY trendy home bar complete with neon sign takes the top spot

  • Cox & Cox ran a competition to highlight the array of interior design talent in UK
  • A conservatory, a home bar, and an open plan kitchen make it into the top three 
  • Public has chosen a contemporary, stylish home bar as their number one room
  • Children’s bedroom, a pink-themed hallway, and two stylish bathrooms also made it into the top 10 
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

With many Brits turning to DIY and decorating to fill their free time amid the coronavirus pandemic, an interior design company has revealed some of the UK’s most beautiful rooms.  

Cox & Cox wanted to celebrate the interior styling prowess of some of the nation’s most eager amateur home decorators, so invited them to snap a photo of the favourite room in their homes, and enter the nationwide competition. 

Hundreds of entries were received before the public voted for their top 10 – with a contemporary and stylish home bar coming in as its favourite room. 

Other popular entries included a stylish and contemporary home bar, an open plan kitchen and living area, and a room with a statement fireplace painted in neon yellow. 

1st place

Home bar in Easthope, Shropshire

Emma, from Eathope, who is the owner and creator of the winning room (pictured), said: ‘It feels fantastic to have won!’

A home bar is a dream for many, so it’s no surprise that this gorgeous is the deserving winner. 

With neon light fittings and mirrored shelves (as well as an envious drinks collection), this small space has been transformed into a stylish party room.

The competition winner, Emma, from Easthope, explained her inspiration for her room design: ‘The idea came from my love of entertaining. The bar sits right in the middle of the house and opens out into the back garden, making it the perfect location for hosting.

‘When we bought the house, all the rooms were magnolia with either beige or a blue carpet (some still are!) so I wanted to bring some colour into it and add a bit of character. I was careful to keep the design modern, but sympathetic to the age of the house, as the original building dates back to the 1880’s.

‘The design inspiration came from Pinterest and a few of our favourite local bars. The Kenilworth cocktail lounge gave us the inspiration for the ceiling tiles, a lot of inspiration came from looking at online stores and their Instagram accounts and going into shops too.

‘I originally wanted a neon sign that said “Champagne” but had a hard time finding one I liked. Then, when I had a bit of a tough time in my previous job, I found the current sign that says, “Well behaved women seldom make history.” It ended up being a must!’ 

2nd place 

Open-plan living space in Guildford, Surrey 

Rachel, from Guildford, entered the amateur design competition with a snap of her open-plan kitchen, which boasts quirky accessories and geometric prints

Open-plan kitchens and living spaces are currently more popular than ever, and you can see why in number three in our list. Quirky accessories and geometric prints add even more personality to this lovely room.

Rachel, who created the look, lives in Guildford. She commented: ‘I wanted to create a modern industrial look but with a relaxing and softer style in the family room.

‘At the centre of the family room is the woodburner – I found it on Pinterest and sourced one from Firemaker in Scotland. 

I then sourced lots of quirky accessories. The stags head we sourced a few years ago and is a fun, modern take on a traditional look. The rug pulls all the colours together.’

3rd place   

Rachael, from Eaglescliffe, got creative with neon yellow, spotted wallpaper and animal portraits

Now that’s what you call a statement colour pop! The neon yellow works perfectly with the spotted wallpaper, and we love the animal portraits as well. Proof that taking risks with interiors can really pay off.

Rachael, from Eaglescliffe, said: ‘The inspiration behind it me was my daughter. Her absolute favourite colour is yellow.’

‘My taste is very monochrome hence the spots, so I decided to go bold and give her her favourite yellow as a focal point. She was overjoyed.’ 

4th place 

Christina, from Cheshire, entered a stunning photograph of her living room, which features a classic neutral wall is brought alive with pattern furniture, statement artwork and an array of plants

A classic neutral wall is brought alive with pattern furniture, statement artwork and a lovely array of plants. The full bookcase is also a lovely touch.

Christina, from Cheshire, said: ‘My inspiration came first from a weekend winter break in Stockholm a couple of years ago where I was so impressed by the amount of greenery in the hotels and shops, bars and cafes. 

‘It is such a lovely idea to bring the greenery into the home especially during the cold dark winter months when we can spend little time in the garden and outdoors.

‘My hobby is to work with pressed and dried flowers and I find almost all my inspiration from nature. Nature has been proven to have beneficial effects on mental health, so I thought it was a really good idea to incorporate it into my living space. 

‘At all times of the year I try to bring some greenery in from outdoors. The rest of the room is very neutral. It is a very calming and relaxing space.’  

5th place 

Tim and Anna, from Devon, submitted a photo of her artful and glamorous bathroom to the nationwide compeition

The first bathroom in the list (but not the last), the use of colour transforms something that could be a standard, boring room, into an artful, glamorous, and slightly Parisian creation. The standalone bath, golden accessories and green plants are particular highlights.

Tim and Anna, from Devon, designed and decorated the whole room themselves, from the plumbing to the plastering. They said:

‘It was one of many rooms we have made over and despite a few setbacks (like a burst pipe which sent water spurting everywhere) it was a fun challenging experience. I learnt how to plaster, plumb, woodwork and lay a lino floor.

‘There are plenty of upcycling projects out there and with a dash of paint or a roll of wallpaper you can turn any old corner cabinet into a great cocktail bar or dark wooden table into an attractive plant stand. 

‘I have never done anything on this scale before but with the help of YouTube and Google you can see the results.’  

6th place 

Marie, from Malpas, Cheshire, shared a photograph of her living room, which featured plaid wallpaper and plump cushions

The plaid wallpaper and variety of lovely, plump cushions, as well as the exposed brick, turn this space into a comfy, cosy and welcoming family space. We can just envision long winter nights spent here.

Marie, from Malpas, Cheshire, said: ‘We wanted a dark and cosy room. A cosy, country lodge type theme, so log fires, dark wallpapers, contrasting fabrics, mismatch pieces. 

‘We live in a barn conversion so we try to keep the look in keeping with the type, age and location of the property too.’ 

7th place 

Francesca, from Bexley in Kent, entered this perfectly pink photograph which features a room that is every little girl’s dream 

Perfectly pink in every way, this room is every little girl’s dream.

Francesca, from Bexley in Kent, said: ‘We only moved into our house (a renovation project!) 6 months ago, and our daughter Blake’s room was the first room we completed. 

‘I wanted to create a space that was pretty to look at but fun and functional for her to play in too – the reading corner and slide are in constant use! The whole house is a bit of a hybrid of traditional with a contemporary twist, and her room is no exception.’  

8th place 

Georgina, from South Buckinghamshire, shared a photo of a small space, which boasts colourful rug and accessories 

This choice (which was the most popular in London) shows how you can really make even a small space a design wonder. The colours, furniture, rug and accessories work together perfectly.

Georgina, from South Buckinghamshire, said: ‘My spare room is my most recent project which I have been lucky enough to turn into my own dressing room. I love so many colours that I always find it hard to pick just one so colour-blocking has become my new favourite interior trend.

‘It means I can combine a palette of colours together all in one space without it feeling overwhelming as they are just in small pockets. 

‘I love how colour, shapes and textures combined make all the difference to rooms that would otherwise be a little white box.’  

9th place 

Debra, from Manchester, submitted a snap of her bathroom into the amateur design competition, which features lilac wall and marble furnishings

The second bathroom on the list features a patterned floor, lilac wall and marble furnishings plus lovely little plants, which makes it one to remember.

Debra, from Manchester, said: ‘The inspiration for my downstairs toilet came mainly from looking at lots and lots of Instagram images, and from following lots of different companies and hashtags. 

‘I’m also an avid listener/follower of The Great Indoors podcast with Kate Watson-Smyth and Sophie Robinson – they’ve both been great interior design inspirations to me, not only for my downstairs toilet but also for the rest of my house which I’ve recently decorated.

‘I kept seeing time and time again that the downstairs toilet is a place where you can be a little ‘different’ with your decor, compared to the rest of the house and I think I’ve certainly done that!’  

10th place 

Sunny, from Chelmsford in Essex, shared a snap of an open plan kitchen, which uses lovely lighting and complimentary accessories to create warmth and space

Another open plan kitchen, this room uses lovely lighting and complimentary accessories to create warmth and space.

Sunny, from Chelmsford in Essex, commented: ‘The inspiration of the room is my love for the clean, minimalistic Nordic look. 

‘I believe in minimalistic living as it helps keep the mind clear and free of clutter! I always prefer to buy good quality furniture and accessories because good quality stands the test of time and doesn’t have to be replaced constantly.’

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