Best Cool Bags to buy 2021 | The Sun UK

THE best cool bags are lightweight, affordable and can keep your food and drink chilled for hours.

We reveal the best options whether you’re looking to keep your food chilled for lunch or your drinks cold for a picnic.

Do you need a cool bag or a cool box?

The one advantage that cool bags have over cool boxes is that they are lightweight, easier to carry and can usually be folded away when not in use.

This is especially useful if you’re packing lunch for work for example, or want to keep your groceries chilled on the way back from the supermarket.

But cool boxes are more sturdy and will keep things cooler for longer. This means they’re better for long journeys or if you’re carrying bottles that need a bit more protection.

Plus, they’re all waterproof so you can pack them with ice for a day out.

You can get cooler bags that are waterproof as well, but these can cost more than cooler boxes.

Which is the best cool bag?

The best cool bag comes down to preference most of the time and depends on what you want to use it for.

We’ve rounded up some great options that are suitable for every occasion below.

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