Expert reveals what you should take after a flight to stop you feeling jet lagged

NEXT time you are feeling the full effects of jet lag, there is an easy way to get through it, according to a travel expert.

Jonathan Leary, who calls himself the “concierge wellness doctor," explained why there is just one thing he tell his clients to take after a long flight.

Jonathan, who flew up to 150,000 miles a year pre-pandemic, told Bloomberg: "Magnesium is the only nutrient I recommend and here’s why: We lose magnesium very easily, because we lose it through sweat.

"People in LA who work out every day? They tend to lose magnesium. to lack magnesium. So I tell patients to fill up with magnesium glycinate."

He explained: "When you are on an airplane, it disturbs your digestive system, dehydrates you and causes a feeling of tension in your body; when you have a low level magnesium, the muscles will be more tense.

"If all the muscles in your body are relaxed, you are more likely to sleep and be de-stressed.

"Remember that your bowels are muscles too, so magnesium will also move your muscles. intestines. It helps you calm down and prepare you for sleep, no matter what time zone you land in."

Foods rich in magnesium include dry beans, whole grains and low-fat dairy products, although you can also buy magnesium tablets and pills.

Sleep expert Dave Gibson agreed that probiotics can help reduce the effects of jet lag, previously telling The Sun that "nutrients such as tryptophan, magnesium and vitamin D" are needed.

Giving up coffee before a holiday is also recommended, although may not be favoured by caffeine addicts.

Samantha Brown, who travels for a living as a TV host told Travel + Leisure: "I try to limit caffeine a few days before I leave on a trip so it is totally out of my system when I land.

"I try to wait to have more caffeine until I'm about to collapse and that is when I allow myself to have a double espresso."

"The caffeine then hits my system so strongly because I am so depleted of it that I am able to go the rest of the day.

"I do that again when I return. It is like methodically taking caffeine so I get the strongest punch."

Here are some other ways to avoid jet lag, according to flight attendants.

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