Ice Cube Walks Away From $9M 'Oh Hell No' Paycheck After Refusing Vaccine: Report

The rapper said ‘Oh hell no’ to the shot.

Ice Cube has reportedly walked away from a $9 million paycheck over vaccination requirements.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the rapper pulled out of upcoming comedy “Oh Hell No”, starring Jack Black, after refusing to get a Covid shot to commence filming.

Per THR, Ice Cube came on board the Sony Pictures project in June; director Kitao Sakurai was hoping to film in Hawaii this winter. But when producers requested all cast be vaccinated before the shoot, Cube dropped out.

TooFab has reached out to both Sony and Ice Cube’s reps for comment. Nobody involved with the film commented on THR’s initial report.

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The film is now pushing back its production start, and looking for a new lead. Black, who suffered an ankle injury while taping a skit for the final episode of Conan, adding to the delay, is still attached.

During the pandemic, Ice Cube was active in helping stop the spread of the disease. In May of last year, he started a T-shirt fundraiser to support first responders on the front line.

He sold a line of shirts depicting himself, wearing a mask, with the caption “Check Yo Self Before You Wreck Yo Self.”

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“I want to do something cool for the first responders,” he told THR at the time. “We’ve got real heroes out there putting their lives on the line who are not getting a lot of recognition.”

“You give money, you get a cool T-shirt. You push the cause,” he said, assuring he made zero profit from it. “Everything goes to the first responders.”

But the following month, he posted a cryptic tweet about the coronavirus, accusing doctors around the world of lying; he did not elaborate on what exactly they were lying about:

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