People have shared examples of amazing design ideas

Why didn’t I think of that! People reveal the most creative design ideas they’ve spotted – from a mug with a ‘biscuit pocket’ to a fitted sheet with instruction tabs

  • People from all over the world have shared examples of brilliant designs online
  • One person had a lazy Susan installed in fridge so they could rotate the shelves 
  • Another found coffee cup that comes with its own ‘biscuit pocket’ for snack time 

When amateur designers take matters into their own hands, disaster can strike – but sometimes, a fantastic new invention is created.

And now people from all over the world have shared amazing examples of clever designs on the trivia website My Health Gazette

One person was totally sold by a cup of coffee which came with its own ‘biscuit pocket, while another clever person invented a ruler that included a detachable pen. 

Meanwhile, advertisers in Russia and Japan created milk and ice-tea bottles that can create a cartoon if you put them next to one another.  

People from all over the world have shared amazing examples of clever design (pictured, one person in the UK raved about this coffee cup which comes with its own ‘Biscuit pocket’ to carry small snacks)

You can sleep easy! One British person was blown-away by these sheets which have labels to help you put them on correctly

People in South Africa applauded the energy provided Eskom for this billboard promoting sustainability 

A designer invented a ruler which also includes a pen, so that you don’t have to look everywhere for either of those things when you need to take measurements 

In Russia, a milk brand had a brilliant idea to create bottles that match together to show a cat drawing, pictured

Meanwhile another person in the US said they were wowed by the packaging from a cookie store which looked like an oven 

All you need is a little imagination! One creative person thought the shadow on the wall appeared like Batman and drew a small face to complete the image 

Meanwhile diners in London were blown away by the clever logo for The River Room, which featured two R letters, but also looked like a stream  

Beware the heat! This clever advert for Tabasco impressed some, who called it ‘by far one of the best’ they’d ever seen  

Making life easier! One clever home owner got a rotating lazy Susan in their fridge to same themselves time and space 

The attention to detail! This clever Christmas installation at LAX airport impressed tourists, with white snowflakes made from tiny planes 

Meanwhile one street artist clearly incorporated an electric wire into his art to connect two murals of children playing 

One optician in the US came up with this very clever windows shaped like glasses to decorate their offices 

Another was impressed by the detail on the packaging of their butter sticks, which they said made cooking a whole lot easier 

A clever sign! This post might appear to make no sense at first, but upon reflection, tourists have been wowed by it  

The designs of those tea drinks bottles’ packaging all match to create a beautiful landscape, pictured

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