Suspicious mum cuts date night short after checking babysitter on camera

A new mum sparked fierce debate after making an unsettling discovery about her babysitter.

Danielle Mitchell said her 10-month-old son was being fussy when she and her husband were about to leave for a date night.

She explained in the now-viral TikTok: "I tried to put him down and my husband tried to put him down and he just really wanted to be held so she [the babysitter] just rocked him for 15 minutes and we went ahead and left.

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"She told me it was really easy, it was just 15 minutes and he was asleep for the rest of the night."

Danielle said they were out for about three hours – but by 9pm, the mum wanted to check on her child.

In the evening, Danielle had a peek at her house cameras and caught the babysitter snoozing.

"Okay am I overreacting? My husband and I hired a babysitter to watch my son for the first time last Friday and she fell asleep while she was watching him," she detailed.

"I checked the cameras and it looks like she's asleep on the couch.

"She told me that she was going to listen to a book but our dogs were still outside so I texted her asking 'hey do you mind bringing the dog inside because it's dark'.

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"We watched the camera to see if she would move or anything and she didn't, then I knew she was asleep.

"Internally I'm starting to freak out – she's watching our son but she's asleep, he's also asleep but he's only 10 months."

The parent questioned if the babysitter could hear her son crying – and says they should have moved the baby monitor into the living room.

Her response sparked a discussion among the viewers.

One shared: "Dad-of-five here, unless your child has some at-risk medical condition, it's fine for the babysitter to sleep, in my opinion."

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Another wrote: "I always tried to hard to stay awake but always would fall asleep when I babysat. But she should have the monitor on."

Some think Danielle "overreacted" though.

"Definitely a first time parent overreaction and that's okay, he was asleep and safe," a viewer shared.

And a second added: "I would ask the babysitter to bring the dog in before she rests and definitely a first-time parent overreaction, which is normal."


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