T.I And Tiny Are Building Affordable Housing Solutions For The Needy

Rapper T.I. and his wife, Tiny, certainly live a lavish lifestyle. After all, T.I. alone has a net worth that hovers around the $50 million mark, so money isn’t an issue for this family at all. However, while so many other artists are rushing to fill their closets full of designer clothes and purses, and their garages are stacked with fine cars, T.I. and Tiny are opting to spend their hard earned fortune in a very different way. Dedicated to being humble and gracious for all that life has afforded them, they have opted to invest their money to create affordable housing options for those in need. Revolt reports that they’re dropping millions to develop land, and it’s not for their own mansion, it’s for homes for many families that are disadvantaged and in dire need of assistance.

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T.I. and Tiny saw a need in their community, and they stepped up to offer tangible assistance. They have become increasingly aware of the challenges facing many families in the Bankhead neighborhood in Atlanta, and they rose to the occasion by investing their personal money towards making a change for those who aren’t in a position to create their own opportunities and secure proper housing for their families.

The husband and wife duo have stepped up in a big way to offer an affordable housing community that has not just already made it to development, but is actually already 40% of the way completed!

Sharing a post of their progress to Instagram, T.I. took fans along a tour of the massive property that he is overhauling in order to assist those that require more affordable housing options.

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Revolt quotes his video by saying, “Checking up on my development in Bankhead right here. We’ve got affordable housing, 143 units going up. Mixed-use community. We about 40 percent done, we supposed to be done sometime next year.”

T.I.  went on to indicate that the community center would also boast some incredible amenities for people to enjoy as well, so they can truly feel that they are part of the social setting when they settle in to their new environment. That is said to include a garden, an elaborate greenhouse, and a local community center for youth and adults alike.

 The Low Income Housing Authority pegged this development as costing roughly $3 million, and that estimate was generated in the early stages of the project, and is likely to have increased significantly.

As for his motivation to do such a good deed, T.I. revealed that this site used to be a shopping centre that he frequented with his grandmother when he was young. He, too, grew up not far from this area, which clearly holds significant emotional value.

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