Team GB’s Matty Lee’s parents share secret behind his Olympics success

Olympic diver Matty Lee's parents have disclosed the secret behind their son's award winning success and the meals that helped him to become the champion he is today.

Asda has teamed up with the mums and dads of some of Britain’s brightest role models from the track, pool and tennis court to launch its ‘Meals That Made Them’ campaign – revealing the childhood favourite dishes that fuelled them as budding young sports’ stars.

Taking part in the campaign Matty's folks Tim and Helen Lee discussed his favourite meals – and surprisingly, they were rather simple, quick and easy to prepare.

The sport star's favourite dishes growing up were tuna pasta with a crispy cheese topping; carrot, sausage and coriander pasta soup and Moussaka.

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Speaking further on this, Matty's mum Helen said: "Like most kids, Matty could be a fussy eater and it was a challenge to get him to eat meals that would keep his energy levels up.

"However, we struck gold with these recipes which were favourites around the family dinner table. In fact, he still eats them to this day, the only difference being he prepares them for himself now and is probably an even better cook than I am."

She added: "We’re proud to be part of the Meals that Made Them campaign to help inspire parents just like us in the kitchen cook exciting and nutritional meals for their children!"

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Matty won an Olympic gold medal at the 2021 Tokyo games alongside his diving partner Tom Daley.

The dive that Matty and Tom chose for the finals was their hardest of all – a front four-and-a-half somersaults in tuck position.

Speaking more about his win and being mentally prepared for a dive, Matty told The Guardian how it can be easy to be in your head the whole time.

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He also expressed his sympathy towards Olympian Simone Biles who struggled with her mental health throughout the competition and Naomi Osaka who also suffered with her mental health during Wimbledon.

Matty explained: "Like, it’s so scary. I remember a session not long ago in London, before we flew out to Tokyo, where I literally didn’t know if I was going to make the dive.

"Which is a horrible feeling. I’ve never experienced the pressure that Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka have been through. But it’s very sad to see them getting so much hate and negativity.

With a physical injury, no one bats an eyelid. But as soon as you say it’s your head, they don’t believe you."

If you want to recreate the meals to the stars at home then the full recipes and ingredients needed can be found here.

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