The most unexpected moments spotted at airports

What a trip! Hilarious social media snaps capture unexpected sights spotted at airports – from a man sleeping on the floor at check-in to yoga in the departure lounge

  • The Daddest has rounded up bizarre photos taken in airports around the world 
  • Among the images is a passenger practicing yoga while waiting for their flight 
  • Another snap shows a man sleeping on the floor of the check in queue  

Many people are eager to venture abroad after the past 18 months of intermittent lockdowns, and these snaps prove just going to the airport can be a memorable part of the getaway.

The Daddest has rounded up a selection of images from around the world that have gone viral because they capture bizarre moments in airports – from passengers falling asleep in strange positions to holding embarrassing signs at the arrivals gate. 

Among the snaps is a traveller whose extreme flexibility while practicing yoga as they waited for their flight created the illusion that they didn’t have a head.  

Another amusing image shows a man taking a nap on the floor, after joining the queue to check-in his luggage – something anyone who has been in a lengthy line for a low cost airline will relate to. 

The Daddest has rounded up photos from around the world of strange moments spotted in airports –  including a passenger practicing yoga while waiting for their flight 

Away with the fairies! One passenger was snapped having a deep sleep on the floor, while waiting to check-in their luggage 

Definitely do not disturb! Another individual, blocked out the world during their flight by wearing a face mask, eye mask and noise-cancelling headphones

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Baby scan!  A mother who was loading her items to be checked at security also placed her infant in a tray

Snap unhappy! One person penned an embarrassing sign to end their relationship at the arrivals gate at an airport in the UK 

Another individual changed the lyrics to hit song Call Me Maybe to introduce their baby to her father at the arrivals gate

Living the dream! Passengers experimenting with different ways of getting comfortable enough to sleep 

One passenger spotted a red fire hydrant randomly placed in a room labelled as ‘pet relief’ at an airport believed to be in the US 

We’ve all been there! Another snap shows how a child who was fed up of walking through the airport terminals decided to get a ride on the back of their dad’s suitcase 

Stowaway! A polar bear was spotted exploring the runway at an airport believed to be in Alaska 

One tired young passenger, who seemed to be battling jetlag, decided to get a nap on the baggage carousel 

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