We Have Solid Proof Paloma Mami Can Read Minds

Do you think Michelangelo could have sculpted the David with super long acrylics on? Probs not. But ‘C’osas De La Vida ‘ singer Paloma Mami created a Play-Doh masterpiece with a full nail set, now that’s an artist!!! Paloma showed off this truly impressive skill during Cosmo’s Secret Talent Test. It’s our series where we have celebs explore all the random gifts they might not even know they have! Shoutout to us for opening their eyes.

After watching this episode, here are a few career paths I think Paloma would thrive in, given the chance: voice acting, beatboxing, psychic reading, and surprisingly there are quite a few more options. Obviously, Paloma’s got the whole singing thing on lock, but who knew there was so much extra talent there? She really stepped up to the plate. Check out the full episode to watch all the A+ work she’s got to offer, ’cause a star was truly born today.

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