Antiques Roadshow guest stunned as toolbox found in garden turns out to be WW2 SPY RADIO – and is worth a fortune

AN Antiques Roadshow guest was left stunned after a toolbox found in a garden turned out to be a WW2 SPY RADIO – and is worth a fortune.

A recent episode of the BBC show saw expert Mark Smith meet a man who had brought in "a big green box, a heavy box".

Asked where he had found it, the man replied: "It was in one of my father in law's barns or sheds, we were just sorting through it when he died and I saw it and thought ‘That will do, it would be a lovely toolbox.’”

Mark replied: "It says on the front of the box, Sergeant F.L. Church and a service number and then it says royal signals.

"Now the service number, is a World War Two number and actually, what I would say, is like you thought, it’s a toolbox.

"Because what I think it is I think it’s a spares box, probably out of a vehicle. But that’s not what’s inside it is it?” 


Mark revealed it was actually a Mk 3 B2 radio, known as the B2 and used by the Special Operations Executive.

He said: "Now, it’s actually quite a complicated piece of equipment, in as much as it can be powered by any source of power that you can think of. 

"So you can plug it into the mains if that works, you can plug it into a battery, you can plug it into a car generator, you can plug it into anything that can power."

After revealing more details about the radio and its purpose, he said: "Some of those missions that they undertook were definitely going to be fatal. It’s actually a really quite special piece of equipment."

He then came to the valuation, saying: "It’s worth somewhere between £10,000 and £15,000. That’s not a bad toolbox to find in the shed, is it?"

The guest was stunned as Mark added: "This is a real treat, this is a real piece of World War Two history from the very darkest places across Europe that you can never imagine."

Antiques Roadshow airs Sundays on BBC One and is available on BBC iPlayer.


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