Coronation Street spoilers: Geoff revenge, Craig shooting horror and brutal exit

Coronation Street fans are about to see a number of thrilling storylines reach a crescendo next week, with shootouts and police visits on the horizon.

Corrie spoilers have revealed Geoff Metcalfe (Ian Bartholomew) will find yet another way to ruin Yasmeen Nazir's (Shelley King) life, as he threatens her with financial collapse.

Meanwhile, Craig Tinker's (Colson Smith) life hangs in the balance when he plays hero, having suffered a devastating gunshot wound.

And, as Scott Emberton (Tom Roberts) continues to blackmail Johnny Connor (Richard Hawley) with dark secrets from his past, it's Jenny Connor's (Sally Ann Matthews) life that is plunged into danger.

To top things off, Evelyn Plummer (Maureen Lipman) gets her heart broken by the handsome Arthur Edwin (Paul Mackriell Copley), only to make a shocking discovery.

Below are some of the most outrageous Coronation Street spoilers of the week, from cunning ploys to near-death experiences.

Craig's life is on the line

Organising a poker night, Ray Crosby (Mark Frost) asks Faye Windass (Ellie Leach) to be his hostess, letting her know he is entertaining a hoard of investors.

When Craig hears this, he decides to wait outside the bar, concerned about Ray's sleazy reputation.

Meanwhile, Scott puts his plan in action, telling Johnny he will be using a gun to steal money from Ray and his cronies.

Horrified, Johnny refuses to take part and suffers an attack of MS which leaves him incapacitated.

Ruthless as ever, Scott knocks him unconscious and breaks his phone, before heading to the bistro for the hold-up.

Inside, he points the gun at Faye before ordering Ray and his mates to hand over their cash.

Johnny manages to make it to a payphone, calling the police in a desperate bid to save the situation.

Craig hears the announcement coming through on police airwaves, as bursts into the building to save Faye.

Attacking Scott with a chair, Craig is shot and crumples to the floor in shock – will he survive the horrific shooting, or has Scott taken a life?

Leanne and Steve get their hopes dashed

Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) is devastated to learn Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) has approached ten specialists, but none feel there is any hope for little Ollie.

Later, Gail Platt (Helen Worth) and Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) speak to Ollie's guardian, Wendy, but disagree on the subject of the young lad's responses.

While Nick is convinced Ollie responds to sound, Gail disagrees, as the factory boss slams the door in frustration.

However, the loud noise sparks something in little Ollie, as Leanne and Steve excitedly claim he responded to the clash.

When the doc says it was an involuntary reflex, the concerned parents decide to team up and record his responses, hoping to prove the medics wrong.

Can Leanne and Steve find a way to get young Ollie some specialist help?

Todd plays Cupid

When Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce) learns Eileen (Sue Cleaver) has been invited to join George Shuttleworth (Tony Maudsley) and Mary Taylor (Patti Clare) for dinner, he gets an idea into his head.

Suggesting George may have taken a fancy to Eileen, he later surprises everyone by appearing at Speed Daal.

Crashing their meal, Todd tries his best to be rude to George, but the witty undertaker swiftly puts him in his place.

While Mary assumes Todd is being protective of her, Eileen is secretly concerned by his troublesome behaviour.

Is Todd going to play matchmaker for his single mum?

Geoff spins a web of lies

As Yasmeen's legal fees mount, Imran Habeeb (Charlie de Melo) realises they may have to sell her home in order to settle her bills.

However, Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) is horrified to learn Geoff has racked up huge credit card debts in her grandmother's name, and his name is also on the paperwork for the house.

When Yasmeen confesses she probably signed everything over to Geoff under duress, Imran decides they need to convince Geoff to sell the house.

Unfortunately, when Alya approaches him, Geoff downright refuses to sell and falsely blames her grandmother for their lavish spending habits.

Convinced Geoff is spending the money, Alya and Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) try to follow him, only for a policeman to appear and accuse them of harassment.

Having fooled the duo, Geoff slips off to a luxury hotel for a night with his new girlfriend, his wallet thick with Yasmeen's money.

Can Alya find a way to expose Geoff's twisted lies, or is Yasmeen fated to spend a life behind bars?

Evelyn suffers heartbreak

Trying to be spontaneous, Evelyn suggests she and Arthur spent an entire month on holiday, rather than a weekend.

He awkwardly turns her down and eventually suggests they end their relationship altogether.

Devastated, Evelyn returns to Dev Alahan (Jimmi Harkishin) with her head hanging, asking for her job back.

She later learns Arthur was spotted at the hospital, as Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor) admits she saw him attending an appointment.

Confronting him, Arthur finally tells Evelyn the truth about his secretive hospital trips, leaving her shocked.

Now the cat is out of the bag, can Evelyn and Arthur give their relationship another chance?

Johnny's shameful secrets are exposed

Having successfully fled the scene of the shooting, Scott targets Johnny, letting him know he will tell the police about his past if he hands him in.

Johnny decides to hunt down the security guard he left to die in a botched robbery 30 years ago, getting answers from his mother.

The woman reveals her son survived the assault, but it left him shaken, and he died an alcoholic.

Devastated by the news, Johnny reveals he needs to face up to the past and tell Jenny everything.

She is disgusted when she learns what he did, and is even angrier when Johnny reveals Scott was behind the bistro robbery.

Fuming at her husband over his decision to let Scott live with them, Johnny decides to head to the police and tell them the truth.

However, before he makes a confession, he learns Scott is leaving Weatherfield for a job in Kent, potentially giving him the opportunity to move on with his life.

Later, Scott tells Jenny the sordid details of Johnny's crime, only for barmaid Emma Brooker (Alexandra Mardell) to overhear everything in the background.

Realising what has happened, Scott tries to pay her off, offering £5,000 to go towards little Ollie's treatment fund.

When Scott learns Johnny has headed to the police station, he turns his gun on Jenny, threatening to kill his wife unless he turns around.

Can Jenny make it out of the hold-up alive, or is it too late to save her?

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