Coronation Street spoilers: Seb Franklin's killers Corey and Kelly offered shock deal

SEB Franklin's killers Corey and Kelly are offered a shock deal on Coronation Street.

Seb was brutally murdered earlier this year, but manipulative Corey is living life as normal after getting Kelly to take the wrap for his death.

In an upcoming episode, a worried Abi tells Kevin she’s heard whispers that Tommy Orpington has been lined up as a character witness for Corey.

Imran is visited by his ex Sabeen, who is on Corey's defense team, and suggests they ask the court to take account of Kelly and Corey’s ages during the trial as it could benefit them both.

Sally assures Jack that Tommy wouldn’t support Corey if he knew the truth.

Abi’s liaison officer Alison talks to Kevin about the trial next week who scoffs at Kelly and Corey having their identities protected.

Meanwhile, Toyah’s dismayed when Simon reveals that Corey’s identity has been leaked online on a Tommy Orpington fansite. 

Later, Abi is devastated that Corey being named online may jeopardise the trial.

Abi accuses Imran of using Jack’s mistake to delay the trial and Toyah is shocked to discover that is exactly what he is doing, he vows that, no matter how unpopular it makes him, he will stop at nothing to win.

Imran and Sabeen then lock horns at the pre trial review as Imran reveals he has new evidence about the blood splatters on Kelly’s trainers.

But he is conflicted when Kelly and Corey are offered a reduced plea to manslaughter.

Meanwhile Simon visits a terrified Kelly who is convinced she will end up in prison for life.

Simon approaches Nina in the cafe and begs her to remember what happened during the attack, as she’s Kelly’s last hope.  A furious Roy throws him out while Nina’s shaken. 

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