Coronation Streets Leanne Battersby and Nick exit for good in heart-wrenching twist?

Coronation Street: Leanne says goodbye to Nick

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Leanne (played by Jane Danson) and Nick (Ben Price) have already made an exit from Coronation Street this year after getting involved with a dangerous drug gang. However, since the likes of Harvey Gaskell (Will Mellor) have been put behind bars, they’ve started to rebuild their lives. This has included spending more time with Nick’s son, Sam Blakeman (Jude Riordan) but Wednesday’s edition of the ITV soap saw the pair become concerned about the youngster’s wellbeing. With the memories of her late son, Oliver Battersby (Emmanuel and Jeremiah Cheetham), still having an impact on her life, Leanne could suggest to her partner they move away for good.

The drama began in the first instalment of Wednesday night’s double-bill when Nick and Leanne were continuing to look after Sam since his mother, Natasha Blakeman (Rachel Leskovac), had to travel to London for work.

Earlier this week, the youngster apologised to his stepmother for putting up space posters in what used to be Oliver’s bedroom.

Leanne didn’t take offence and was actually pleased to see her partner’s son settling so well into his new home.

However, his father soon became concerned and overwhelmed by the idea the youngster could go missing if they weren’t together all the time.

Unaware the schoolboy had gone on to the balcony to listen to the planes in the sky later in the episode, Nick was filled with worry.

Having been discussing Oliver with Leanne prior to Sam supposedly disappearing, this is why Nick thought he’d run away.

His partner got involved with the search and she was the one who made the discovery the youngster hadn’t even left the flat.

Nick wanted to talk to his son about his worries and asked Sam if he’d heard the conversation about Oliver.

“I don’t want you to be uncomfortable here,” the father of two remarked and the schoolboy replied by saying he was worried.

“You seem stressed and I’m sorry to mention him but I think it’s to do with Oliver,” he said to which Leanne told him he never had to apologise for talking about her son.

Oliver will be with us forever

Leanne Battersby

“I think what Sam’s trying to say is losing Oliver and everything that’s happened, it might be affecting the way you’re treating him,” Leanne explained to her partner.

“I’m just trying to get it right,” Nick told his son, to which the youngster replied: “Maybe stop trying and just be.”

Later on, in the second episode of the night, Leanne asked her stepson if there was anything else playing on his mind.

“Steve was Oliver’s father but you [Nick] were Oliver’s father. You were here with him,” the schoolboy said to his father.

Leanne replied: “Yes he was. Feeding him, tidying up after him, reading to him, yes he was here helping bring him up.”

“So, you’ve already been a dad?” Sam asked his father, to which Leanne replied: “Yes, a really good one.”

When the youngster went to speak to his mother on the phone, Nick opened up about the impact Oliver’s death had been having on him.

“Today has reminded me how affected I am by Oliver,” he said, with his partner telling him: “He will be with us forever.”

However, Nick was worried about whether the schoolboy would tell Natasha about the concerns he had about bringing him up.

“She might not let me see him again,” the businessman remarked but they heard him saying he was “having the best time”.

The events of the last few months and Sam being a bigger part of their lives could lead the pair to make a decision about their future.

Knowing Natasha is likely to spend more time in London and Sam will be missing her more, they could decide to move away.

Wanting a fresh start and with Leanne’s comments about Oliver “always being with them”, they could decide to begin a life in the Big Smoke.

This would mean Sam would have all three significant adults in his life living in the same place with no more disruptions.

With so many memories of their life together on the cobbles, it would be a heart-wrenching exit for the beloved couple.

Taking to Twitter, viewers have been sharing their thoughts on the couple since they’ve been a part of some high profile storylines.

One wrote on the social media platform: “I love Leanne and Nick. They both have been through so much together #Corrie.”

Another posted: “The scene of Leanne letting Sam keep his posters in Oliver’s room was so sweet. I’m looking forward to Nick, Sam, Leanne and Simon being a family #corrie.”

Whilst a third commented: “I love how Leanne is accepting Sam as part of the family,” a fourth shared: “I like that Leanne has finally come round to Sam #corrie.”

Coronation Street continues Friday at 7:30pm on ITV.

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