Corries Glenda has ‘ulterior motive’ as fans pluck holes in her arrival story

Coronation Street viewers are sure that new arrival Glenda Shuttleworth is up to something sinister after her arrival on the cobbles.

Played by Jodie Prenger, Glenda was introduced as the sister of funeral director George Shuttleworth on Friday (August 5) – and most fans took a liking to her immediately.

Returned from a stint singing on a cruise ship, Glenda arrived at her brother’s doorstep with a crash – but some viewers have agreed she seems “too good to be true”.

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Taking to Reddit, one eagle-eyed fan penned: “I like Jodie. I thought Glenda obviously saved the day, and handled Mrs Pugh exceptionally well, but I don’t recall George ever mentioning even having a sister, never mind saying anything about a sister singing on cruise ships.

“When you work away from home on long but intermittent contracts like you do on cruise ships (and many other industries) you normally keep your home base available for your off-work times, so why has she turned up out of the blue on George’s doorstep?” they wondered.

Before questioning: “Did she not have her own house? Did she have a house/ flat and it got repossessed or something? Did she rent it out for the duration and she can’t get rid of the tenants?

“Was she living with George before she went to work on cruises? Are all her worldly possessions in that suitcase? All her stage outfits?”

The social media user admitted they were desperate to know more about Glenda’s back story, concluding: “Currently, I’m not convinced her sudden arrival doesn’t have an ulterior motive. She seems too good to be true.”

Elsewhere, one Facebook user suggested Glenda could be hiding a rather large family secret from George and perhaps returned to let him in on it gently, suggesting: “Yes, I agree with all the light hearted moments in the episode last night. Great to see a change!

“But I can't help thinking George & Glenda are half brother & sister?"

Another wailed: “She is a breath of fresh air, wait till Corrie writers give her a seedy past/ex, long lost child, or criminal conviction!”

“I truly hope not, but it does seem to be a theme… Why can't they let people have normal past lives?” someone else begged.

It makes sense for fans to be suspicious, after Stu Carpenter’s murderous past was also exposed this week – with fans devastated that the chef has finally shown his villainous side.

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8pm on ITV.


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