Jill Duggar admits she's considering getting dreadlocks as she wants to 'try something different' with her hair

JILL Duggar said she’s considering getting dreadlocks.

The 30-year-old shared the idea as she admitted she wants to “try something different” with her hair.

The Counting On alum took to her Instagram Story on Friday to recount a conversation she had with her husband Derick Dillard, 32, the night before.

Jill told her fans: “Derick and I were talking last night about me trying something new with my hair and I wanted to get y’alls thoughts.”

Text onscreen read: “Thinking about trying something new with my hair… I’ve chopped it once, never colored it, had a perm like forever ago (my mom and sisters and I used to do them!) and now I just mostly trim and get layers.”

Jill showed off her long brunette hair in the following slide, which was pulled back into a high ponytail.

She wrote: “Love my hair, just thinking about doing something different to change it up.”


The mother of two then shared snaps of multiple hairstyles and included polls for her fans to voice their opinions on whether or not she should try the hairstyle.

Jill’s first photo showed a woman sporting long curly hair, though most of her followers voted that the look was “not for you.”

The second option showed a blonde woman sporting long beach waves, which many of Jill’s fans voted they “love.”

The third option showed a woman with red-orange hair that cascade past her shoulders in loose waves, which the majority of the Counting On star’s dans said they “love.”

Jill may have shocked her fans by including dreadlocks as the fourth option, as many of her fans made clear the look was “not” for her.


She continued to push the idea of dreadlock by sharing photos of two women with dreadlocks sporadically placed within their long hair.

Alongside the photos, Jill wrote: “Y’all know I love a little earthy boho look…”

She added: “I actually do love the thin dreads or starting with just a few.”

Counting On fans were more willing to see Jill try dreadlocks in small doses, as 42 percent of her followers said they “love” the look.

Jill married Derick in 2014, while the couple share sons Israel, six, and Samuel, two.


The former TV personality’s interest in sporting dreadlocks may not shock her fans, as she’s been known to rebel against her family’s conservative dress code.

Jill and Derick have distanced themselves from the family famous as they have engaged in behaviors such as drinking and sending their children to public school.

The couple has even spoken publicly about their sex life, emphasizing the divide between Jill and the rest of her family.

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