Lisa Riley teases 'face off' between Mandy and Nicola and a ‘very sinister’ turn for Lydia in Emmerdale next week

EMMERDALE star Lisa Riley has teased an intense “face-off” between Mandy and Nicola and a “very sinister” turn for Mandy’s best friend Lydia.

Mandy and Nicola butt heads in a sneak peek of next week’s Emmerdale on Sunday’s Martin and Roman Kemp’s Weekend Best.

Lisa, 44, revealed her character Mandy has a face-off with Nicola because she spreads gossip about her best friend Lydia.

In the exclusive clip, viewers saw Lisa confront Nicola and say her “marriage is a car crash”.

Nicola told Mandy that there is no need to turn “nasty”, however, is it clear Mandy is not backing down.

“You should’ve thought of that before you started gobbing off about our Lydia,” Mandy retaliated.

The clip ends with Lisa going closer to Nicola and telling her to leave Lydia alone.

Lisa explained how Lydia is in a lot of trouble because of her ex-boyfriend, Paul.

Even though he’s dead, he’s speaking from the grave as he left something “very sinister” on Lydia’s laptop.

Lisa teased there is a lot of drama to come in next week’s episodes and she promised: “you’re all going to be gripped.”

Also in the interview, Lisa was reminded of her time on Strictly Come Dancing back in 2012.

Lisa recalled a memory with Len Goodman who asked why she is picking up the male dancer at the end of one of their dance numbers.

Len said: “It’s against the rules! The girl doesn’t pick up the boy” – but Lisa was assertive and said: “I’m doing what I want.”

“I’m down now in Strictly history as the only female to have ever picked up the boy,” Lisa added.

Elsewhere in the episode, Martin admitted to cheating while he was acting on EastEnders as bad boy Steve Owen.

Martin confessed he used a tear stick while he filmed emotional scenes.

Lisa Riley found it hilarious and called Martin out as a 'cheater'.

Emmerdale continues on Monday at 7pm on ITV

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