Loose Women’s Janet Street Porter brings her vagina candle into studio

Janet Street Porter astonished the Loose Women on Tuesday by producing a candle that smelled like her own vagina on the panel show.

Janet produced the candle as the panelists discussed what they would want in their ‘divorce goodie bag’ after Gwyneth Paltrow sent a bag containing a 'personal toy' to Kim Kardashian following her split with Kanye West.

Gwyneth became the controversial face of 'vaginal steaming' for her lifestyle brand Goop.

Ruth Langsford joked that the candle smelled like "kippers" as Janet promised Coleen that she’d "sanitise it and give it to you!"

As the show concluded, Ruth said: "We’re going to be lighting Janet’s candle in a minute, so we’ll let you know what it smells like."

But back in 2018, Janet labelled Gwyneth 'overpriced' in her Mail Online column, writing at the time: "I’m 71 and three-quarters – and without the benefit of over priced Goop products I am fit, positive thinking, and perky.

"I don’t need a stone egg or a vaginal steamer to get through my busy day."

She continued: "Gwyneth and I have nothing in common."

But it appears Janet might soon be eating her words, because in January this year Gwyneth released a candle that that smelled like her vagina to the Goop website.

Along with pricey products like vaginal jade eggs and 'sex dust', the ‘This Smells Like My Vagina’ candle is available for purchase.

And what’s more – the candle, which cost £68, sold out.

However, the Hollywood star did come under fire in 2018, when she was fined under California’s civil penalties laws for her "unsubstantiated" marketing claims about her jade egg.

Goop claimed that the egg would "balance hormones, regulate menstrual cycles, prevent uterine prolapse and increase bladder control" – but ended up being fined around £110,000.

Loose Women fans flocked to Twitter to share their giggles, with one writing: "'Has someone been cooking kippers in here?' OMG @RuthieeL I've just almost choked on a grape!"

Someone else wrote: "Smells like a can of tuna."

But fans weren’t impressed with the daytime show’s refusal to air the actual name of the sex toys, with the panelists referring to them instead as 'personal toys'.

"Just say it," one wrote on Twitter with an eye-roll emoji.

"So they give vibrators as divorce gifts… just say the word… Why do they do that waving hands in front of face thing?" another wondered.

A third viewer penned: "The producer must be frantically shouting in JSP’s ear to shut up!"

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