MAFS Australia viewers shocked as Dan and Jess plot to recouple and ditch their partners at the next commitment ceremony

MAFS AUSTRALIA viewers were left shocked tonight as Dan and Jess plotted to recouple and ditch their partners at the next commitment ceremony

The deceitful pair have embarked on an illicit affair behind their spouses backs and now they are making their move to be together.

In shocking scenes this evening, the cunning twosome planned how they could get rid of Mick and Tamara.

During a tense dinner party they again snuck off for a sordid chat and a snog behind their partners backs.

But talk quickly turned to how they can run off together, but still stay in the experiment.

Jess' poor other half Mick has been desperate to leave the show, but she has voted to "stay" every week.

But now Jess and Dan plan to both vote to "leave" in tomorrow's commitment ceremony and then ask the experts if they can stay in the experiment as a new couple.

This is something that has NEVER been done in the history of MAFS Australia.

Dan said to Jess that he "wanted to come clean" about what has been going on, before revealing his plan to make them an official couple.

Fans were outraged by this with one tweeting: "Dan and Jess have no shame!! Now they want to stay on the show together???!! WTF!!!."

While this one said: "Surely Jess and Dan won't be allowed to carry on in the experiment together??!"

Another was furious: "How can Dan sit there and watch all this drama with Jess and still be attracted to her!"

This viewer did not hold back: "If the experts let Dan and Jess stay in that situation I'm definitely switching channels!!!."

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Tonight also saw things flair up between Ning and Mark.

It was after Jess (again) had claimed he had been saying things behind his wife's back.

  • Make sure you tune in tomorrow at 7.30pm on E4 to see what happens with Jess and Dan next – we can't wait.

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