Married At First Sight star Amy reveals plus-size lingerie line as she strips off and tells fans to 'celebrate curves'

MARRIED At First Sight star Amy Christophers looks sensational as she poses in her new plus-size lingerie line.

The 35-year-old has launched her own collection with Dear Scantilly by Curvy Kate urging fans to "celebrate their curves".

Amy's campaign called Leave them on RED aims to make women feel empowered in sexy lingerie – but not just for their other halves.

Revealing her edit in an exclusive interview with The Sun, Amy said: "People have this misconception that you wear underwear for men – but I wear it for myself.

"Knowing I have banging underwear on under an outfit really boosts my confidence especially working in a male environment, and they've got no idea."

Amy bravely married a stranger on TV earlier this year, which failed to go the distance.

But ever since, the sports journalist has been focusing on herself – and says this campaign matches her mindset on relationships.

She says it's all about feeling good enough in yourself so that you can leave potential love interests' messages unread because you're "busy doing you".

In fact, Amy says she's not even looking to date anyone right now.

"I’m single, but I can't be a****d to mingle," said Amy.

"I’m busy doing me.

"Prince Charming can come and find me, I’m done looking."

Amy's DD+ range adds a dramatic dose of RED to encourage ladies to be bold and beautiful – even if it's just for themselves.

The reality star – whose bra size is 32FF – added: "Being bigger busted means it’s hard to find pretty underwear that’s also practical and makes you feel sexy. Sheer is my absolute go to.

"I love working with Dear Scantilly because they just get it and that’s what 'Leave Them On Red' is all about – doing you for you!

"I love everything they stand for! They’re all about wearing lingerie for you & celebrate curves that come in all shapes and sizes. It’s such an empowering brand to work with."

Katie Weir from Dear Scantilly said: "We knew Amy was perfect to front our Leave Them On Red campaign as she is a strong, fierce woman who knows the importance of staying in her own power.

"She also look incredible in her lingerie!"

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