Netflix’s Greenhouse Academy canceled and will NOT return for season 5 as Cinthya Carmona says she’ll ‘cherish’ show – The Sun

TEEN drama Greenhouse Academy has been canceled at Netflix after four seasons, The Sun has learned.

The boarding school-set series, which released its fourth and now-final season earlier this year, will not return for season 5, and star Cinthya Carmona said she will always "cherish" the experience of working on the show.

Based on Israeli TV series The Greenhouse, Greenhouse Academy followed siblings Hayley (Ariel Mortman) and Alex Woods (Finn Roberts) as they navigated mysterious events and foiled deadly plots on top of dealing with issues in their friendships and romances.

Both the original and adapted shows were created by Giora Chamizer, with the Netflix series co-adapted for international audiences by Paula Yoo.

While chatting with The Sun about her upcoming crime-drama The Tax Collector (out August 7), GH star Cinthya Carmona revealed the cast and crew “don't have any plans to continue to film Greenhouse Academy.”

Executive Producer Orly Atlas-Katz confirmed to The Sun that Netflix is not renewing the teen drama for a fifth season, while the streaming platform did not return The Sun's request for comment.

Cinthya starred as Sophie Cardona, the captain of the Eagles, during the entirety of the show’s run and is so thankful for the experience.

The 29-year-old actress, who is set to play a completely different character as a wife and mother in August's The Tax Collector, shared: “We did four seasons of it, and I was so fortunate to be able to be on it from day one.

“Greenhouse is the first series that I got to be part of from the very, very beginning.”

She added: “[I got to help] really set the tone for everything, and that's a memory and a milestone in my career that I cherish so much.”

Though the show won’t be coming back, when asked about a possible virtual cast reunion, Cinthya said she “loved” the idea and thinks it “would be so cool” to make that happen.

Aside from Ariel, Finn and Cinthya, the Greenhouse Academt cast also included Chris O’Neal (Daniel), Dallas Hart (Leo), BJ Mitchell (Parker), Benjamin Papac (Max) and Yiftach Mizrahi (Jason).

Ishai Golan (Carter Woods), Selina Giles (Ryan Woods), Nitsan Levartovsky (Suzanne) and Rafael Cebrian (Enzo) also starred.

The role of Brooke was played by Grace Van Dien in the first two seasons and Danika Yarosh in the final two, while the character of Emma was portrayed by Aviv Buchler in the show’s first half and Dana Melanie in the latter half.

A lot of loose ends were tied up in the season 4 finale, including Sophie and Brooke making up, Alex and Brooke reuniting, Hayley and Leo getting back together, Sophie and Parker kissing and Louis being offered his old job back.

Still, a few cliffhangers remained, namely fugitive Jason escaping the hospital and FBI custody while also revealing to the viewer that he has what appears to be split personalities and is actually also the big bag, aka The Client.

Plus, fans never truly learned what happened to Enzo, as well as the extent of the secretive history he has with Sophie.

Cinthya added to that, saying: “You find out a little bit, but not enough. Definitely not enough.”

The actress was just happy her character turned out to not be “as goody-good as she appears,” though, because she “always loves when there's more we don't know.”

Season 1 of the the series premiered on Netflix on September 8, 2017, and a new season was released each year after that.

The most recent — season 4 — dropped on Netflix on March 20, 2020 and consisted of the show’s now-final eight episodes.

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