Susanna Reid forces Lisa Nandy MP to admit if she's taken drugs live on Good Morning Britain after Labour leader refused

LISA Nandy MP was forced to admit she's "made mistakes" as she was quizzed about taking drugs live on Good Morning Britain by host Susanna Ried.

The Shadow Foreign Secretary, 41, said she has regrets about her past behaviour – after her boss Sir Keir Starmer refused to answer whether he'd ever taken drugs.

The Labour leader, 58, squirmed as he was asked 14 times in a grilling by Piers Morgan on Life Stories.

Susanna asked Lisa today: "Do you want to be open about anything you did at university?

Laughing off the question initially, she replied: "No, good God my mum's watching. Feel free not to call in if you were at university with me."

Shocked by her reply, Susanna pushed for further details. She said: "There's obviously a story to tell. Do we need to ask you again? How many times do you have to avoid the question? Did you take drugs at university?"

"Oh did I take drugs at university?," replied Lisa, before admitting: "I've engaged in all sorts of things over the years, but I do regret it actually.

"You take risks when you're younger and you don't understand the consequences. I certainly didn't think through the consequences of the things that I was doing when I was 17 or 18 years old, but you learn from it.

"That's one of the reasons why when I talk to people in my constituency I can say, I've made all sorts of mistakes over the course of my lifetime."

She added: "Everybody makes mistakes, nothing is ever straight forward but you can come through it.

"Life is tough for young people at the moment and I want them to feel encouraged by that and supported by politicians and to know that they're human just like them."

Ending the intense interview, Susanna said: "That might have been a good answer for Sir Keir Starmer to give."

The Labour leader squirmed during a grilling sparked by claims he was a “party animal” at university.

Sir Keir will appear on the next Life Stories episode with Piers, 56, who would not be fobbed off by fudged answers.

The telly host said: “Have you ever dabbled in anything stronger than alcohol?

“You did not spend all your time at Leeds University in the library, did you? So, a cheeky spliff here and there?”

Sir Keir, Director of Public Prosecutions from 2008 to 2013, said: “We worked hard and played hard.”

But when pressed for more detail, he stated: “Drugs weren’t my thing.”

Piers insisted it should be a “yes or no” response.

He said: “Given your clear reluctance to give me a straight, simple answer, am I right in assuming from your response that you have tried drugs but that you didn’t actually like them and didn’t want to take any more?

"I’m not saying it was your thing, but you did try it. I mean, you’re reluctant to just say yes. You haven’t said no.”

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