Teen Mom Briana DeJesus claims she will 'not accept' Kailyn Lowry's defamation lawsuit 'without a FIGHT'

TEEN Mom Briana DeJesus claimed she will "not accept" Kailyn Lowry's defamation lawsuit "without a fight."

Kailyn, 29, sued Briana last month for allegedly “humiliating” her when she publicly claimed the mom of four assaulted her third baby daddy, Chris Lopez.

The 27-year-old touched on the lawsuit and told CeleBuzz: "I think my lawyer did a fine job of explaining my position in the brief we filed. If anything in that is not clear, you may direct questions to him.

"Aside from that, I will just say that I think this lawsuit was not a good use of the court system, and I look forward to the judge seeing it for what it is, and ending this as quickly as the judge can."


However, the mother of two was not done there, as she added: "My family emigrated to this great country because we were seeking freedom.

"The greatest freedom we have is the First Amendment. If someone wants to sue me for exercising my First Amendment rights, they are not only coming after me, but after the generations of freedom-seeking people who have made this the greatest country in the world."

She concluded: "None of us will accept this without a fight."

Briana's statement comes after her high-profile attorney Marc Randazza also hit back at Kailyn's lawsuit.


In Florida court documents obtained by The Sun, he claimed his client could not have defamed Kailyn with "false" stories- because she was in fact arrested for the alleged assault on her ex.

The attorney wrote: “She verifiably was arrested for this, and her arrest garnered media attention.”

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The Sun exclusively confirmed with local police that Kailyn was arrested in September 2020 for "hitting Chris several times with a closed first" in an argument over their 4-year-old son Lux's haircut – however, the charges against her were later dropped.

The former couple also share 1-year-old son Creed.

Briana's lawyer called Kailyn’s lawsuit "meritless" and demanded she pay his client's legal fees- he also requested the entire lawsuit be dismissed.

He went on: "It is meritless and directed exclusively at protected speech on a matter of public concern brought for the purpose of harassing and trying to silence a critic."


In the original lawsuit filing obtained by The Sun, Kailyn claimed Briana "asserted that Lowry physically beat Christopher Lopez, the father of two of Lowry's sons, and broke into and entered the home of Mr. Lopez's mother."

Kailyn's legal team claimed that her co-star’s comments were false and were made "for the purpose of causing Lowry harm… Defendant used Lowry to gain additional media attention for herself."

Kailyn, who has been in longtime rivalry with the fellow Teen Mom 2 star, claimed Briana "has a history of making false public statements regarding Lowry’s family life,” including when she allegedly responded to a Twitter user “[Lowry] gets beat the f**k up by Chris in front of her kids.”

After the Coffee Convos podcast host did not appear in the June 8, 2021 episode of the popular MTV series, Briana claimed it was because Kailyn “didn’t want to film” that week because she attacked Chris, and broke into his mother's home.

The stars' fight has not remained simply between them, as after the lawsuit was revealed Briana's sister Brittany labeled Kailyn a "Karen."

Following the lawsuit, Kailyn took to Instagram Live to slam her baby daddy Javi Marroquin's ex Lauren Comeau and she called her a "liar collecting paychecks off of them" after the mom of one allegedly "hit him" in an altercation.

Not surprisingly, fans were quick to call Kailyn a "hypocrite," as back in 2013 she took a swing at Javi in her home.

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