Teen Mom's Ryan Edwards' wife posts 'because you're too stupid to get it doesn't make it cryptic' amid Maci Bookout feud

TEEN Mom's Ryan Edwards' wife posted "because you're too stupid to get it doesn't make it cryptic" amid her feud with Maci Bookout.

Some days ago, Mackenzie Edwards also claimed that Maci's husband, Taylor, broke into her car.

Mackenzie broke her silence after days after she posted the sassy message on her Instagram stories.

Last week, Mackenzie revealed that a "lowlife" had broken into her car and taken her Louis Vuitton bag and MacBook laptop.

The MTV star posted on Facebook: "I’ve debated on posting this but some lowlife broke into my car at Target on Gunbarrel.

"They took a black LV bag and my MacBook Air. If you see this car or a MacBook Air on marketplace please let me know! And watch out for this car!!"

One fan joked that it could have been Taylor, writing: "It was probably that skinny kid with the beard that Larry punked on the Reunion show."

Mackenzie replied, "crossed my mind lmao," before adding: "The guy took my lipstick too. You really might be on to something there…"

Ryan, Mackenzie and his parents Jen and Larry, were all axed from Teen Mom after Taylor clashed with Larry at the reunion.

During filming, Taylor and Larry squared up to each other as their argument over Ryan's parenting of his son Bentley, 12, threatened to turn physical.

When asked if he thinks Ryan is sober now following years of drug abuse, Taylor responded: “No I don’t. This is our opinion."

"It’s based on when he shows up to something or when you see him sitting there in a scene and he can’t hardly keep his eyes open. That’s not a place I feel safe to send our son with that guy.” 

Larry yelled: “Hold on. You said that we put [Bentley] in an unsafe situation. Let me tell you something. Never would that ever happen. Ever.”

Taylor jumped off the couch and fired back: "Don't you buck up to me!" 

Maci has also been feuding with Mackenzie, throwing shade at the 24-year-old by releasing "Petty b***h" T-shirts in a dig at the insult Mackenzie previously hurled at her.

She poked fun at Mackenzie by selling a $26.95 "Petty B***h" logo tee from her Things That Matter clothing company.

Back in February, Mackenzie and Ryan had lashed out at Maci after Ryan's son Bentley, 12, refused to attend his half-brother Jagger's birthday party.

Mackenzie said at the time: "I am responsible for these kids' emotions and feelings, and they don't deserve that.

"It's one thing to be a petty b**ch, fine, but when you're including my kids, that's not okay with me."

Maci fired back by tweeting at the time: "I really wanted to post some 'petty b***h' (and hilarious) comments.

"But I'll wait until they can tell me the definition of 'petty' without googling it and reading it aloud."

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