The Trouble with Maggie Cole fans predict major twist – with Dawn French emerging as local hero

THE Trouble with Maggie Cole fans have predicted a major twist – with Dawn French emerging as a local hero.

Dawn, 62, stars as local gossip Maggie, who goes on regional radio to talk about local life in the fictional coastal town of Thurlbury.

However, Maggie gets tipsy before taking to the airwaves and divulges all the rumours and gossip about her fellow residents, real and imagined.

Her salacious comments are then played out during the live broadcast leaving everyone aghast, and leading to terrible consequences.

While her friends and neighbours turn on Maggie because of her words, some viewers believe she will end up being the heroine.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: "I actually think this is gonna be quite clever.

"We will all think Maggie is the bad one/one at fault but I think we will find out actually all of them are rotters…and Maggies no worse than any of them. #thetroublewithmaggiecole."

Another viewer tweeted: "I think Maggie is right about about all the secrets but they're all completely different than what everyone thinks – bigamy, theft, undercover cop maybe #thetroublewithmaggiecole."

Dawn previously opened up about her character, telling WhatsOnTV: "Maggie is someone who’s quite needy, and makes a big mistake.

"Her world then falls apart because Thurlbury is such a small town, so it affects everyone…”

Julie Hesmondhalgh, who plays Maggie's best friend Jill, added: "We’ve all got a friend like Maggie who’s full of themselves and bigs themselves up all the time, but Jill loves Maggie and accepts her.

"So she ends up feeling badly betrayed by the radio show.”

The Trouble with Maggie Cole continues tonight on ITV at 9pm.

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