Tommy Fury squeals with joy as he passes his driving test just weeks after Molly-Mae

TOMMY Fury “squealed” with joy as he passed his driving test hot on the wheels of his girlfriend Molly-Mae.

The 22-year-old boxer was spotted stepping out of a car at Hot Wheels Automatic Driving School in West Tidsbury, Manchester, about 3pm on Sunday.

He was met by his influencer beau, also 22, who had passed her test just weeks earlier.

A local who took these pictures told the Sun: "He literally squealed and went, ‘oh my god I passed’ and me and my driving instructor went, that’s Tommy Fury.

"This car had pulled up and it was weird as it was on a Sunday and they don’t normally have their tests during a Sunday.

"Molly-Mae literally started walking down by the road as well.

"He was really happy. I’m pretty sure he said it was his first time – when I went up to take the picture I heard him and his driving instructor talking.

"I more ran up to them. I was like, ‘oh guys can I take a picture?’.

"Molly-Mae said it seems really quiet for a Sunday. I’m guessing they must have paid extra to do it on the weekend."

The boxer was on Saturday pictured learning to drive wearing all-black attire and a face mask as he jumped into the driver’s seat of the Toyota vehicle.

Tommy had a chat with the instructor before closing the door and heading onto the road.

The sign on top of the black vehicle revealed it was an automatic drive.

His attempts to pass his practical were no doubt buoyed by Molly’s success – and the fact she promptly splashed out on a Range Rover before she was even allowed to drive.

Molly was in shock as she shared a snap of her certificate in May, telling fans: "This is the happiest day of my life."

She is now the owner of a Range Rover Evoque, which costs upwards of £32,100 – but hers is customised so likely to cost significantly more.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, she acknowledged the fact she wasn’t actually allowed to drive.

She said: "Correct – I haven’t passed my test. I tried it once and failed horrendously."

The star added as she headed to the dealer in Milton Keynes: "Either way we’re going to go car shopping."

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