Where Hogan Knows Best star Brooke Hogan is now- from reality TV star to 'broke' cocktail waitress to interior designer

BROOKE Hogan skyrocketed to fame when she and her famous wrestler father, Hulk Hogan, tag-teamed to expose their lives in the popular reality show Hogan Knows Best.

But after the final bell rang for the show, and the spotlight faded, Brooke was forced to start over and reinvent herself, and her brand.

Hogan Knows Best followed the trial and tribulations of Hulk Hogan's family – with a special emphasis placed on his then teenage daughter.

Viewers were invited to watch as Brooke and Hulk butted heads on everything from books to boys.

The world was introduced to Brooke in 2005, on the show she shared with her dad.

The show continued until 2007, when life became too real for the famous family.

Following son Nick's near-fatal car crash and accusations of Hulk's infidelity that eventually led to divorce, the show was shut down.

In her first in-depth interview in nearly three years, Brooke sat down with the Dax Holt and Adam Glyn for their Hollywood Raw podcast, and discussed her roller coaster life, admitting that her family has been through "a lot of crap."

She explained: "It's hard to have all your skeletons pulled out of your closet and just waved in front of everybody's face and humiliated to the world, and then (watch) our family just go through all this stuff."


In 2008, the then 20-year-old was asked to headline her own retooled spinoff — Brooke Knows Best, which ran for another two seasons.

When that show ended, the hopeful singer found herself back at square one.

Before long, Brooke was broke.

She revealed on the podcast: "There was a time when I made a lot of money on TV and there was a time when I was broke as hell."

But instead of wallowing in her misery, Brooke picked herself up, and found a job that reinvigorated her.


"I actually went and I waited tables at the JW Marriott and I was a cocktail server," she confessed on the podcast. "And I will tell you and I tell everybody this, I had the best time of my life doing that. 

"That was so much fun. It was such a fun experience. There was such a great camaraderie."

Since then, Brooke has moved further away from the Hollywood lifestyle.


Now living in Nashville, Brooke has a growing interior design business for rental properties.

According to her website: "BB Designs by Brooke specializes in creating personalized, gorgeous designs for residential homes, and also provide fast, full-service installations for investment properties-making them competitive, stunning listings."

Back on the podcast, Brooke explained that she is reluctant to use her past in her future endeavours, for fear that people won't take her seriously: "I have actually built this business. I would say we're probably one of the top, if not the number one place that property managers and realtors send their clients to, because we do get stuff done fast.

"And if you're in the STR, short-term rental market, time is of the essence. All the time that decorators screwing around, having fun shopping, you could be making money, the clock's ticking."


There is still one facet of entertainment Brooke would like to re-enter: "Starting Halloween, we're going to start pushing out some new music. I am going to release a little bit of my old stuff."

First up, a new single called Better.

Now, as her professional and personal life flourish, Brooke looked back with pride.

She summarized on the podcast: "From that time when I was broke down, I built myself back up. So I built my design business. I did the waiting tables thing, I did what I had to do and I didn't want to."

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