British holidaymakers 'dumped 400 miles from intended destination'

British holidaymakers flying to Croatia with Wizz Air were ‘dumped at an airport 400 miles away from their intended destination and abandoned’

  • More than 100 passengers were abandoned at Zagreb airport, Croatia, last night
  • Passengers were supposed to land in Dubrovnik but Wizz Air flight was re-routed
  • Airline left them hundreds of miles from holiday destination without transport
  • Dozens were forced to sleep on airport floor as they were unable to find a hotel 

A plane load of British holidaymakers flying to the Croatian coast with Wizz Air were left fuming after they were dumped at an airport 400 miles away from their intended destination – and then abandoned, they claim.

More than 100 people were onboard the jet from Luton that was meant to be going to Dubrovnik last night.

But instead, after a three-hour delay because the airline didn’t have any staff to fly the plane, and then issues with landing, the flight was re-routed to the country’s capital Zagreb which isn’t on the coast – and is an 8-hour drive from Dubrovnik.

The passengers say the flight they had landed on then flew off and ‘abandoned’ them – and promised buses to get them back to Dubrovnik never materialised.

Many passengers were unable to find a hotel that had any vacancies late at night so dozens slept on the floor and were this morning still trying to find a way to get to their holidays.

Ben Hall had been due to have a romantic short break in Dubrovnik with his wife – instead they spent last night sleeping on benches in Zagreb airport.

Ben Hall (pictured above) had been due to have a romantic short break in Dubrovnik in Croatia with his wife – but instead they spent last night sleeping on benches in Zagreb airport

Dozens of British tourists flying to the Croatian coast were left fuming after they were dumped at an airport 400 miles away from their destination and left to sleep on the airport floor

The 42 year old from Sheffield told MailOnline: ‘It started badly at Luton and just got worse.

‘First we were told the flight was delayed by three hours as the plane had no captain or cabin crew so had to get staff on their day off to travel to Luton to work on the plane.

‘Many people were set to miss bookings for transfers and car hire… so that was bad enough.

‘But when we finally set off it was about 20 minutes before our scheduled landing, the pilot came on over the speaker saying that due to high winds we were unable to land and were making our way to Split to land there instead.

‘Five minutes later he came back on the speaker saying that Split airport was closed therefore we could not use the runway. Nobody knew what on earth was happening.

‘Then we started to descend, and the pilot came back on the speaker and said we were descending to Zagreb airport and that staff would arrange coaches to take us to Dubrovnik.

Passengers were supposed to land in Dubrovnik but instead landed in Zagreb – 600km away

Wizz Air landed at Zagreb Airport (pictured) and left them to get to Dubrovnik on their own

After waiting for coaches they were promised at the airport, Wizz Air sent this email to passengers telling them there was nothing they could do and that they were on their own

‘As soon as we landed people started to check their phones and it’s 400 miles from Zagreb to Dubrovnik with an estimated coach journey of at least 8 hours!

‘The cabin crew were challenged on this and said it was about 4 hours and that coaches would be waiting for us as soon as we got into the main airport. It was 11pm by this point.’

Ben went on: ‘The cabin crew and pilot got back on the plane which flew off I assume back to London as we all waited for these supposed buses.

‘After 2 hours waiting, I checked my email to find an email from Wizz Air saying, “sorry for the inconvenience but we are unable to sort a bus out for you. Sorry”.

‘There were at least 100 people from the flight stranded. The airport was closed, not a single hotel in Zagreb had space, no hire car companies were open.

‘Taxis quoted 1000 euros to take people, saying it was an 800-mile round trip for them. There were people falling asleep in their wheelchairs, newborn babies crying and parents saying they had no sterilised bottles left. People were sleeping on the floor everywhere.

Mark Sham (pictured) complained to the company on Twitter branding their actions disgusting

‘We are still in Zagreb airport waiting for a flight I have booked for me and my wife to fly to Dubrovnik on a domestic flight.’

Fellow passenger Mark Sham, an entrepreneur from South Africa who has been travelling in Europe with his girlfriend, unleashed his fury at the airline in a series of late-night tweets.

Mark, 38, who is on a tour of Europe with Yolandi Fourie, also 38, has since paid 350 Euros to take the pair of them on an internal flight back to their original destination.

He told MailOnline: ‘The whole thing has cost us hundreds of pounds, delayed our trip by at least 24 hours and been really horrible – we had to sleep on the floor last night.

‘The way the airline treated people who paid for a service is despicable. Once we landed in Zagreb there were lies and then no communication. It’s been shocking.’

Pictures and videos Mark took showed the scenes of bewildered passengers at Zagreb.

Wizz Air have been contacted for comment. 

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